How can I learn spacing?


I’m a beginner and sometimes I try to play footsies but when I think I’m the perfect range I’m not. It’s hard for me to know my spacing when my opponent is constantly moving around. And my character doesn’t have a fireball so it’s hard for me to control space. So how can I learn to be at the right range? Also how do you guys play footsies at close range when it’s so easy to get swept or jumped in on? It’s really hard for me because when I try to play footsies, I often get punished for committing to a button but my opponent jumps in.

Please, good players give me some tips. I don’t want to play like a scrub and do random stuff, I want to play footsies like the pros in tournaments. I know it might take a long time to learn these things, but I want to learn


Go into training mode and use your normals and see what the ranges are both on standing and crouching opponents, since crouching opponents have an extended hitbox, so a lot of things that hit them, won’t hit a standing opponent.
This is so because crouch blocking is a very powerful defensive position and standing is by comparison very vulnerable, so having a smaller hitbox when walking towards someone has the advantage that you’re not so easily hit by pokes and can whiff punish.

Once you get a feeling for that just get into ranked matches and endless lobbies and try to apply what you’ve learned.
Don’t care about winning, care about learning.

If you feel the guy that has beaten you with his pokes, don’t just assume his pokes are better, go into training mode, setup a dummy with the character you lost to and see if his poke really beats your, or if you just got outplayed.
There’s no shortcut to shit like this anyways, you’re gonna learn in all departments of the game constantly and what people call footsies is such a large subject that you can’t just focus on that one part and hope to master it.

Read Maj’s Footsies Handbook and you’ll understand what I mean.

Like if you poke well, you’re gonna run into the problem that people focusattack your pokes, uppercut you, whiff punish or just jump at you while you’re preoccupied with the ground game etc. and each has its own solutions and new problems to it.

Just play the game, watch your losses and input stuff like the Footsies Handbook, UltraChen’s First Attack etc. bit by bit, in the meanwhile.

Fighting games take years to get good at, just try to learn and have fun on the way to getting good.


In training mode make sure to get a good feel on what the range of your normals are. This may take a while to get used to but it’s well worth doing it.

After that, a good way to learn what spacings to use is to watch pro matches. Ideal spacings also depend on the matchup, so if you’re having trouble with certain matchups, watch videos of that matchup in particular.

In regards to acctually applying them, just keep your ideal spacing in mind as you play. Better opponents are better at keeping their ideal spacing, while trying to make sure you’re not in your ideal spacing. The battle for good spacing is known as footsies.
Make sure to take time to read this as well at some point.

If someone uses really basic or ‘random’ play, you can still apply good spacing there. You just gotta apply it in a broader sense.


Divekick. That is all.


I just posted this in the newbie links thread:Ground Game Breakdown