How can I lose? I have a Bionic Buddy



So I consider the top 6 partners for Firebrand to be Ammy, Doom, Sentinel, Dormamu, Skrull, and last but not least… Spencer. I feel like he’s hardly mentioned around here even though Spencer can basically use the same assists as Firebrand and be just as effective with added bonus of being a grown-ass man who deals grown ass man damage.

On top of the versatility, Spencer grants Firebrand some things he needs.

  1. Someone who can set-up an unblockable reset (Bionic Arm)
  2. Someone who can consistently set-up an unblockable (Bionic Fucking Arm vs. Anything)
  3. Great DHC Damage (Bionic Manuevers).
  4. An extremely solid teammate who can hold the line (without x-factor) if things go sour.

Spencer is a character who deals insane damage, doesn’t have many challenging match-ups, grants one of the best Hyper Combos in the game, can set-up unblockables, and can use Cold Star, Drones, and Rocks/Plasma/Missiles, just as effectively as Firebrand.

Anyway what are your opinions on Spencer as teammate for FB? Specifically, for people who don’t want to cast all their bets on Firebrand?


Do you mean doing something like Bionic Arm x Luminous Body, assist call, swoop?


Spencer and also come in off of a hard tag, but that doesn’t mean much because your wall bounce is already gone.


This is Firebrand we’re talking about though. All he really gets from extending his combo is massive corner push and meter, so if he sacrifices his wallbounce to give to Spencer, then he can make that sacrifice


How else would u hard tag in spencer?


Don’t. Come in off a TAC, or if you still are concerned with wallbounce then do Wallbounce them with Firebrand use an assist like Drones to OTG later in the combo with Spencer


Two TACs take away the ball bounce as well…


Then put Spencer 2nd and TAC once instead. Spencer works on any position of the team. It leaves Spencer still with an assist to work with too.


But then you have sentinel anchor that’s a bad idea to begin with… Sent should always be second…also tacs aren’t ganranteed. I like the idea of firebrand/spencer idea, I just can’t see it being practical. Especially since they both use wall bounces and groundbounces in their combos. If u could find a way to negate firebrand’s wall bounce then continue to combo after it… Into spencer that could work.


I’m personally starting to believe that Sentinel on anchor is not as completely terra-bad as people think. Look at how Infrit and Fanatiq and the like use him on anchor. It’s certainly not easy, but those guys carry sentinel through bad matchup after bad matchup and constantly surprise people by how effective h is. Sentinel is still a bad anchor, but that’s because he still has to work for it and he has so many terrible matchups and I believe if a playr is strong enough to overcome both, well, they make it to 2nd place at EVO

TACs aren’t guaranteed, no, but they are extremely powerful and you really are only punished by losing momentum. If you have to use on to kill, there’s no reason to not risk it and if you don’t need it to kill then you don’t care. Count how many times Noel Brown will land a TAC on his Frank team and compare the risk/reward.

Spencer doesn’t use groundbounce, he just wall bounces eight ways to Sunday.


I know I disagree with Fbranded a lot, but I haven’t thought of Spencer in this slot with Brand and it tickles my interest.

Do you think he can use Spencer’s grapple to get bigger damage off of j.BV? Like, with st.H[1]+A2 xx L Missile, M dive j.S, etc?