How can i make a ls-56 longer in a TE?

I think the ls-56 has an MS mounting plate which mounts fine in my TE but the shaft is shorter than the JLF and i want it to be longer. It doesnt look my ls-32s SS plate will attach to my ls-56. Any ideas?

The LS-32 SS plate will not fit the LS-56
You need a SS plate made for LS 40, 55 and 56

There is no SS Mounting plate for the LS-56 series. The only thing I can see working besides modding the joystick base to mount higher OR modding the faceplate mount is getting a shaft extension.

(Only the LS-32, LS-40, and LS-58 series are compatible with SS Mounting plates. Even then, people recommend using the LS-56-01 stock VF mounting plate for the HRAP 3 joysticks or the P-40/MS Mounting plates for the TE/HRAP SA’s.)

Shaft extensions are sold at several online parts vendors. Most extensions involve complete shaft replacements. Unfortunately, complete shaft replacements are only available for the JLF and LS-32. You’d have to use a shorter screw-on shaft extender. and both sell extenders for the JLF and LS-32.

I’d get the bare alloy LS-32 version. It matches up better with the shaft-covered LS-40, -55, and -56 joysticks. They all use the same shaft cover which makes them roughly equivalent in thickness to an LS-32. I’ve got this extension for the LS-40’s in my AH2 joystick and white HRAP 3. Except for the bare alloy ‘color’, they screw on and fit the LS-40’s well. I actually had to ‘drop’ the LS-40’s a bit lower by using washers as spacers…! The sticks feel a bit weird this way but you can get used to them. At least I have more room to maneuver my stick hand than I did beforehand!

The only thing is that the shaft extenders are 12-15mm long depending on who you buy from. Shadaloo sells the longer extension.

Right now, all the extensions sold are bare alloy. eTokki used to sell a black-painted extension that could be used with shaft-covered JLF’s or LS-32’s (with modded JLF shafts).

If you hate bare alloy extensions, they could always be painted or powder-coated later.

Where do they sell ss plates for the ls56. Cant find it anywhere.


The LS-56 shaft has just 0,5 mm less than JLF shaft, almost the same size!

Where do they sell ss plates for the ls56. Cant find it anywhere.

Are you sure? I have it in my stick right now and its considerably lower.

Yes, there is for the LS-56-01.
It is the SS Mounting Plate P-40.

LS-33, LS-55, LS-56, LS-58 all use share Mounting Plates.

LS-40 Mounting Plate will only work with LS-32.

Please link where i can find the SS Mounting Plate P-40 for ls56. I cant find anything on google.

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The only place I know right now is buying LS-58-01 from Gremlin Solutions.

Oh, I see what you’re looking for now. I missed some of the LS-58-01 info when it came out a few months ago.

Here you go.

I can feel the difference the op is talking about.
To correct the feeling, I usually use a battop on the LS-56 giving a bit more height.
I generally prefer ball tops, but in this case I dig the bat.