How can I make my execution better?

ok i main c.viper and to play her to her true potential you have to have good mixup game …I can do FFF and alot other stuff but feinting 5 thunder knuckle in a row is preety hard…same with the seismos…Ive been using viper since the game came out.
anybody have any advice on how to make your execution better?

Live in training mode. Read this for suggestions:

ive lived in training mode since the game is out

How do you practice? How many reps do you do? How much time a day?

change the way your hands do the motions. instead of a jerky motion on the stick, you might want to try a smooth one or vice versa. instead of going for timing on the buttons, you should try to double tap and vice versa.

I’m not good at doing lots of raw HTK FC reps either but training mode does help. If you’re not getting anywhere with training mode maybe you should change your technique. For LTK/MTK FC’s I use p, lp+mp. For HTK feints I use MagnetoManiac’s method: hp~~mp+lp. It’s like a slower-than-normal karathrow input.

Your execution is most likely miles past mine, but I know that occasionally taking a few days break from the grind can do wonders for execution. Kind of cleanses the palate like a mint and lemon sorbet (I am trying to up my gentleman-ness for Dudley’s coming)


I rage quit Abel after trying to main him because I was too inconsistent at his 1 frame links (EX: MK dash -> S.FP)
I took a break and moved on to other characters for a while, just out of curiosity I threw Abel in training mode the other day… I’m getting those links like 70% of the time now. I still have room for improvement, but now I don’t hate using Abel. If you’re stuck on certain executions with C.Viper I suggest finding a 2nd character to explore some of their moves for a bit, then going back to C.Viper and seeing if your timing improved at all. Works for me.

Taking a break from the game does seem to “cleanse the palate” as you pointed out. I normally spend about 30 minutes to an hour in training mode before I hop online during the days I do play.

for execution training I try to do whatever combo 20 times in a row without missing and if i miss, i start the counter over.

i dont play online only training mode…i play at the arcade

CTF? I may run into you there some Friday…

My execution isn’t great either and as this is my first fighting game I’ve only been playing for a year now. Most everyone I know that has been playing fighting games for much longer than I have has much better execution than I do.

Time + Practice = Good Execution

That being said poor practice habits will only hurt you in the long run. Being a self taught piano player, I have first hand experience in learning the wrong way.

When I first started playing piano I tried to do everything fast and all at once. I didn’t know what fingers to use on what notes or how to transition from note to note properly. I developed my own way and had to unlearn that way when it came to learning harder music. The same can be said for Street Fighter or any video game that requires great hand-eye coordination. Your brain and your hands will be out of sync until you train them to be in sync. This is acheived by slow/boring repetition. It’s the same as practicing a scale on the piano, or practicing a run on guitar hero, or learning to FADC ultra on SF4. Turn off your console, look at your hands, slowly do each movement 20 times until it is smooth on both sides and then gradually speed it up after you’ve got it at a slow speed. This will ‘program’ your brain to do the combo or technique the right way at any speed. I also believe that doing this will increase the speed in which I become proficient at combos. Most people don’t do this, or don’t want to do this, because afterall it is a video game and this isn’t exactly fun. But, if it’s your hobby and your serious about it, why not?

This is hardcore

During the week I usually play an hour or two. I work on some trials, then I got to practice mode and just work on general execution of shoukens, hurricane kicks, FADC, EX-hurr. kick -> dash -> ultra, and a new combo I wanna learn that week. But after awhile I go online and just play. In all honesty I should probably practice a little harder and for longer than I do, but I’ve found just going online and messing around, even if you’re losing, is a nice way to sort of relax and take a break from practicing. And the best part is: even though you’re not focusing on one aspect, you’re still getting better at the game because it’s just more time you’re putting into the game.

first go slow and when you get used to it you can go faster. you’ll be amaze at how slow you can do the moves.

take the special execution enhancement pill, or you know, just practice.

I’m not the OP, but I’m having execution problems too and I think that’s a great idea. Thanks.

ye at ctf

Nice, keep your eyes open for an old-ass bastard using Guile and Zangief