How Can I Mount This PCB Inside A Project Box?

Alright, I got this development board, and I figured I might as well keep it in the final implementatation of my project, since it was relatively cheap. Now the problem is it has no holes for mounting it. Here is the development board:

As you can see it seems really compact. To make matters worse, I soldered terminal blocks on both the right and left side.:shake:

Any ideas?

unless that port (I think it’s a port) needs to be mounted for outside access on your box, you can always use cable tie mounting pads, a cable tie and double-sided tape.

Get some HDPE, cut out little 3/4" cubes or so, cut out of that 1/4th of it so they make L-shapes. Rout a groove in it to hold the PCB. Drill a hole for a 4-40 or so machine screw to fit in the opposite corner of the cutout. Get some 4-40 (or whatever you need/want) standoffs.

If the terminal blocks are too in the way in the corners then just cut out some 3/4" - 1 1/2" strips for the top and bottom, rout an edge in each then just add a stopper block on the left and right.

Alternately, double-sided foam tape on the back would work.

Or, you could epoxy plastic (HDPE, again, is a good choice) tabs with holes for 4-40 (or so) screws.