How can I parry better?

New to Shoryuken.

But can someone point me out on where I go?

I can parry like once or twice in one round. 3 tops. How do you suggest I get better at it?

Be patient, learn to anticipate and predict your opponent.

Parrying training on console helps tons.




Kayin…you need to train meeee!

Ask someone else, I’m not that good.

You won’t become better at parrying or 3s in general if you approach it with the mindset of “I need to get better at parrying.” The people who take advantage of parrying aren’t psychic, they are just weighing their options in different situations and parry is most likely to be successful. For every successful parry you see a top player do, there is probably 1 or 2 missed parrys to match it.

Just keep playing real people, and as time goes on, you’ll find opponents using strategies that will challenge you, and many times, you’ll discover parry is part of beating those strategies, but you have to recognize them first through real games.

The way that I was taught to parry is that there are a few different ways to parry.
Any time you poke someone and it is blocked, there is a good chance they will try to counter poke you. Immediately after your poke press toward or down in anticipation of their counter. If they don’t counter poke you then you just revert to a block state or do something else.

The next method is the opponent pokes you and you block. You then immediately press the parry of your choice in anticipation of their next attack. The basic idea is you are using your own or the opponent’s attacks as a point of reference for the opponents next attack. You are more likely to elicit a response of them attacking directly after you attack or they attack.

The next method is to whiff a far attack and then press the parry right after that. So for example whiff a far standing MP with Ken and then press toward. I get a lot of parries this way against Chun trying to counter me with a standing fierce.

The last method is just guess parry. Do this one on opponent jump ins. Either they will attack and you will get the parry, or they will land and attempt to throw you or attack you on the ground.

the way i learned to parry well was just to input guess parries at any potential situation where my opponent was likely to stick out a poke, then quickly block when i did not get a successful parry. throughout the round i will repeatedly input parries then block.

for example, if i’m fighting someone like urien, i will step in and out of his standing strong range to bait it, while inputting parries and switching to block. i’ll eventually parry and punish. or when i’m fighting ken as dudley, i will dance right outside of range and repeatedly input down parries cancelled into s.RH. if i successfully parry a baited, i get a free exmgb combo. if the down parry attempt is unsuccessful, i will switch to low block for a brief moment. for each successful parry i probably have 3 or 4 failed parries.

another situation where i tend to parry very often is when i block a jump in, i will guess parry either high or low, since many players like to tick after a blocked jump in. i get a ton of parries off opponents neutral jumping and poking. If successful i combo a uppercut super. good players will mix up timing on their poke, as well as empty neutral jump into throw and empty neutral jump into a low attack xx something.

alternatively, upon hitting a blocked jump in, i will sometimes go for a down parry c.RH option select.

take this advice with a grain of salt because i feel i guess parry too often, and i get punished hard for it if my opponent catches on.

a third situation is something yi pointed out in his interview with gootecks. walk up down parry on opponents wakeup to beat jabs they might stick out in an attempt to crouch tech or push away your wakeup pressure.

First, learn how to parry all projectiles, normal and EX. They will give you an idea of how parrying works and will give you good practice for mastering the timing windows. Also learn the timing for normal multiple parries, because that timing will be the same for a lot of things that you end up parrying more than once in a row (i.e. Akuma’s fierce red fireball).

The next safe thing that you can do is exactly what Lonestar was saying (standard 3s strategy): Wait for a character to jump at you and hit you with an jumping move (easiest to practice with jumping roundhouse on shotos). When they jump at you, press forward in case they try to hit you on the way down. Most opponents will try to hit you late so they can lead into a combo, so you usually want to try to parry late. If they don’t hit you and they land right in front of you, then they’ll usually grab and you can easily be prepared to tech it immediately after you attempt the parry. All of the above is subject to change at higher level play (they could just shoryu in your face when they land or w/e), but I that is one situation that I think is pretty common and will get your foot in the door to Ume parrying in other scenarios.

After that—and this will be the long part—you can start learning and practicing the parry timings/directions for all moves, cross-ups, combos, supers, links, common tricks/mix-ups, and any other general hit strategy that high level players tend to do with their respective characters. You can also learn how to red parry out of everything. Like I said, acquiring this kind of parry skill will take years of practice and experience, so don’t get frustrated if you feel like you’re not landing enough parries. If you’re a beginner, it may not be the important thing to focus on yet anyways.

anybody know the safest option when you get crossed up on the ground after whiffing an empty jump?

i’ve been experimenting with option select parry into throw.

A good way to projectile parry, is to go into parry training, pick Ryu on either SA1, or SA3 and recorded only fireballs at every different speed, then do some ex’s, then finally do SA1/SA3. I go by the rhythm of the computer’s parrys. Obviously you have to get the timing of the single fireball…but after that, the ex’s and denjin start to get easier. Just count out loud, see if that helps or something.

If you’re talking about just parrying projectiles, practice mode is your best friend. If you’re talking about offensive parrying, the basics have pretty much been discussed above. You want to figure out good opportunities to sick in a quick tap down or toward. Figuring out those opportunities is mostly just playing against people an seeing what works and what doesn’t. People also have some good stuff on SRK, too.

Alright thanks for all the tips guys.

i think it really helps to get better at parrying to play a character like hugo or Q who have terrible offensive pokes and here is why. it can be allot to think about when your poking to mix in parries at first.
that is because parry is being weighed against the options of what poke could also potentially work. however to limit your options to only a few usable pokes will make you see many places where they are going to stick out a move and no regular move you can do is going to be fast enough or good enough. in these places, parry.
ill give you an example. my main is chun, she doesn’t ever have to parry if she doesn’t want to. every poke she has is amazing. but a long while ago i had to step back and go , even tho i don’t NEED to ever parry as chun, i need to understand how a character that does need to parry thinks. it was hard to pick up this skill directly while playing as chun because my options were so good with my pokes that parry never seemed the best option. however when i started playing my alternates more i would see the places where parry seemed best because i didn’t have those other pokes highlighted so brightly as options for me. once you have it intuitive it takes only slight tweaking to integrate it into any character you play and its an invaluable skill even if it isn’t always the BEST option.

I have a quick question, what is the timing for parrying Chun’s super? I’m positive once I get the timing for parrying the first hit I can parry the rest. The only way I can parry the first hit is by mashing forward during the start up and I might end up parrying 2 or 3 hits. This obviously is no the way to go. I just can’t figure out when to initiate the first parry.

You have to hit forward right before the super flash, which is why you see daigo pacing back and forth in that video.

Learn combos, links, cancels and BLOCK, if you can do all the above then you can worry about parrying, unless is projectile parry, thats too easy and I dont think your question was about that.

Sure parrying a shoto’s c.fwd gives you a lot of advantage if you can do it, but what if its a sweep, if you block you can punish anyways (with most chars) you dont need to parry everything, if someone is in your face maybe a throw is safer than guess parry, try to get the denjin podcast by RockefelleR when he talks to Victoly, great podcast for beginners and even intermediate players.

just block…

its safer…

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blue parry is played out, red parry for life

I remember I used to think all parrying was pure on reaction stuff. Then I played on XBL and I realized people just tap forward or down when they get up. Fuckin fags.