How can I parry better?


Personally, I think I understand what you’re talking about. It seems like the pros parry a whole lot more than us scrubs. For me, though, I’ve been parrying more and more since I started playing through no deliberate effort on my end. It’s simply a game mechanic that I’ve come to understand better, and as a result, apply more effectively. Don’t set out with the mind-set of parrying more. Set out with the mind-set of winning more, and parrying will come. :wink:

X - perience

learn character set ups

I would agree the console training does help get the timing down, but you’re going to have to practice the timing on stick even more than that.

On a side note, parrying is good and all but I think you should learn when to parry, not how to. I play Hugo so I do parry a lot, but 90% of the time I block. You should only parry when you’re guaranteed to get it right, otherwise you’re going to eat a lot of damage trying to parry every hit.

this will help >.>

this is nice but now your saying he should train his reaction wich i think shouldnt rely on to much you know? its not like your gonna parry EVRYTHING on reaction

no but practicing reaction helps with some parries, hit confirms, punishing well more than just parries. even jwong said reaction is 80% of his game on the podcast.

your right, I tried it and it does make you more comftable, just make sure you just dont stand there waiting to use your reflexes to much to parry,dont force it, but it does help,

imo when you play people at your level just go balls out parrying. dont worry about losing this aint evo. when you fight better people learn the mind games, newbs are for execution and those who are at your level is where you can really level up w\e you want your specialty to be, for me this is some overall balance in my chars.

I’ve never done it they way Pherai was talking about, but what I do, is as soon as she goes into freeze frame, rapidly hit forward 4-5 times and one more time when she connects… you should get it, it works for me all of the time. It works on all the supers that connect real fast. That’s just how I do it… to each his own.

Red parrying is much more useful than blue parry sometimes.

I love the effect it has if you red parry the last hit on multi-hit projectiles. But its much harder.

A tip for normal parry, and its really that simply sometime : DARE.

For example. You’re blocking low because you expect a low attack. Why don’t you just try a parry? Its better to get hit while trying a parry than getting hit trying nothing.

Of course this is just a general idea. But there are lots of time I know my opponent will try this or would be better doing that. But I don’t parry, I’m scared and I don’t dare.

Of course, don’t be TOO daring. When I dare too much, I just eat 10 pokes in a row.

You’re not really trying nothing by just block, you’re trying to not being hit ^^

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Try to get a perfect on the basketball bonus stage.