How can i play street fighter 2 hd remix from my pc?


you can’t

Its a shame, i would pay $100 to play this on a PC

Get a console.

its probably hard to want to put effort into it when most people would probably just pirate it… esp when people have GGPO for free.

Wouldn’t that be the case for every game then? HDR was the #1 selling arcade title when it came out, which shattered all previous downloadable games if i remember correctly. Also ST is different game then HDR, which HDR IMO is a better game.

The only reason why i want it for the PC is cuz when 360 is no longer, HDR remix wont be available to play at all. I would be happy if capcom would release a disc of HDR for the PS3 or 360.

people are still playing games that were only availible on certain consoles

why can’t you play it on your 360 when the new consoles come out?

Its an online download…

And? So its an online download, its one of the top selling games on XBL, it’ll be there for at least the next five years.

I’m still confused.

Just because you download it, it’s not like it has an auto delete as soon as the next xbox comes out.

None of this is making sense.

20 years from now you will have moved on to the Microsoft Neural-Matrix-Implant and the Sony Playstation Holo. Nintendo is filing from bankruptcy because Miyamoto died. Your Xbox 360 will have RROD a long time ago. You kept the Hard Drive though. You then come across a new factory sealed Xbox 360, but find that the current Xbox Live Marketplace removed pre Xbox 720 content years ago. It doesn’t even support using your antiquated wired ethernet jack or saving to your Local HD copy because we store our games on the cloud network. So even with the hard drive you can’t sign on to Live to Enable your game because Live has changed so much it isn’t compatible with the 360 anymore. Also Capcom never ported HD Remix to PS Holo because of the difficulty of porting it to an organic processor.

You will then remember that you posted on SRK 20 years back saying, Yeah, “Don’t worry it will never just go away”. In that moment you will realize that HD Remix is lost forever and miss it greatly.

The wise have spoken.

But by that time, you’ll be playing Hyper Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Turbo Special Champion Edition X: The Grandest of the Grand Masters.

Yeah but Dhalsim is Low Tier in that game.

…all games.

Any how, I am sure that in this distant future (that we may not even see because in the year 2012 we all know that California falls into the Earth and everyone dies) we will have some kind of super technology that enables us to play this game on the computer. I would not worry too much about it. And once again, Hyper Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Turbo Special Champion Edition X: The Grandest of the Grand Masters is coming out. Its gunna be rad.

as long as you never get your XBL account banned then you will be fine and be able to down load it onto the next system assuming you’ll still care about it in 5 years

when your 360/ps3 with your HDR game breaks down you can have it fixed…

To be honest its true for all old console games. Why not complain that game26 won’t work on your old atari console so atari should port it over to the PC? 20 years from now there’ll be a decent chance that the PS3/360 are emulated and someone will have a rom file for HDR.

Technically they already have the rom file, but its just been hacked to bits for making mugen sprites.

All of this is assuming the 360 dies. If your console still works then all of this is a non-issue is what I’m saying.

If you’re that worried about your console not lasting very long why did you give them your money for it in the first place? Besides, HDR is on the ps3 aswell.

I play this one on my PC:

to put everyones fears to rest, games can be ripped off of a 360 harddrive, hdr is already available to download on pc and play on a homebrewed xbox (if your some kind of crazy pirate). and im sure years from now there will be a perfectly good xbox 360 emulator for your pc enjoyment.