How can i play this good? (akuma)


im trying to pick up akuma after watching this video. i know how to do basics and some setups but how can i play like this?


P.S. i know hes the best akuma in the world (besides kuroda) but what can i do to play similar. tips/help? thx


did match, yuki otoko and jiro all die in some car accident or something?

practice, practice, practice.




i dunno man its a pretty ambitious endeavour but with enough intense training one day you too can hit scrubs with meaty dive kick over and over then air hadou into overhead for the stun. just believe in yourself and the raw power can be yours.

also does jr speak in all caps irl. serious question. like does he scream directly into peoples ears at a monotonous pitch or whatever.


just watched some of their matches. theyre good dont get me wrong but i have never seen anybody get as much perfects JR does. hes insane
definitely best akuma ive evr seen in america.

problem is i tried doing the same but kept getting punished/parried. maybe i need to mix up more.


Comes with time and practice. JR has been playing since Arcade 3s so you can estimate about how much time would be needed for you. Its possible though, just keep at it and keep playing against people that are better than you.


looooooooooooooool tonyro you are funny JR perfects online noobs who have no clue about the game…he would get stomped by majority of the worlds best players


uh sure is that why JR is highest ranked akuma on PSN? & evo as well?
watch his most recent videos. he squashed alex valle (a pro). name me 1 akuma better than JR japanese or US. thats right nobody.


JR has a lot of experience under his belt. Insert obligatory “Just play” comment here.


you probably need to learn how to block first… :nunchuck:


dude are you serious…:sleep:


i cant tell if this guy just hopped off DSP’s jock onto JR or what


Japanese players tend to have an edge over American players, at least from what I’ve seen.

And of course, RX and Kuroda are too amazing for words.


Fanboy bullshit aside, just practice. Practice practice practice.

C’mon, what were you expecting us to say? Some type of magical strategy that’s unbeatable by everyone except yourself and something super easy to do in just like 3 tries? Even your greatest Akuma hero of all time JR Rodriguez has well over a decade of 3S experience.


OP has not hit puberty.




Click together your heels three times.


You’ve obviously never heard of or seen Kuroda?


he gots to be trollin …


When it comes to 3rd Strike, JR is no joke. He consistently placed well at tournaments and also has posted wins against extremely good players.

When it comes to SF4 his main problem is that he plays it like 3rd strike which doesn’t always work, but don’t underestimate him. I’ve played him in person and he plays a lot smarter when the other player knows how to stop the gimmicks.