How can i play this good? (Urien)


This guy is insane! Easily best Urien next to RX. But really, I don’t even think RX can pull off half of these setups like this guy. I saw him beast on an entire lobby of pros the other day. I can get down his charges down but how do I do his unblockables?

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memorize his set up. It’s the same few set ups every time. Question, are you phillipino by any chance? I know for a fact cruise dude is phillipino.

I thought of funny joke to commend his auto-pilot playstyle. CRUISE CONTROL.


please delete thread.

Lol, anyway. to answer your question about how he did the corner unblockable, he did crouch hp, mk tackle x2, x jab aegis, walk back hk (or mk?) tackle then mk knee drop.

There are other resources on YouTube or in the urien thread that will answer your question about unblockables.

Lock thread.

edit: Real Urien Unblockables/combos


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Hey, that’s me :wink: