How can I practice defense?


The majority of my loses come from people abusing tick throws and people going crazy with high/low mix ups… I need help guys, what can I do? Are there any training regimes for me to do?


If people are getting you with tick throws then crouch tech them, don’t do it too much though because your opponent might see that and hit you with a frametrap and blow you up. And the only way to get better with blocking high/low stuff is just crouch block and block standing when you see an overhead coming, most of them are kind of slow and telegraphed


What I have been doing from the advice of another SRK guy, is go online as Dudley, and just practice online, if you’re worried about your points, or are worried people think you’re a dick, set up another account online, I called mine SF_Training - so people know I’m just training, and better players often then are rather helpful, when they see I’m just blocking, they often change to using a nice mix of jumping, standing and crouching attacks. A few even step back after you miss a block, so rather than blowing you up in a couple of combos, they get the hit in, then go back to random attacks for you to block.

Apparently dudley is importanty because if people get salty (rather than helpful) you can throw your rose at them xD

I’m not sure there is a whole lot you can do in the training room, ideally you want to spend some time with a real life player who will randomly attack, at different heights to need different blocks.

The guy from here, (feel really bad, can’t remember his SRK name off the top of my head, on Steam he’s Tariikz though <3), started off just doing jump attacks until I was blocking those like 90% of the time, then would start following up with 3 c.LK, to practice going from high to low, then started mixing up jump ins with low attacks, so I didn’t just get into a rhythm, then started adding in over heads as well.

I’ve found overheads are a bit tricky, as you kinda need to know what each characters overhead looks like, though most are nice and slow, so you can see you need to block high.

You can probably get the playback to run something similar in the training room, but I think a human person opposite you will always be best. Can’t wait for Ultra with the online training room!