How can I punish teleports?


what the fuck am i suppost to do? I can’t react fast enough and I don’t know if they’ll teleport in front, back or on top of me… what do you guys do?


Depends on who’s teleporting. You can usually react to a teleport and grab them if they’re in the air. If it’s something like Vergil’s ground teleport, you can mash out a L attack right as they appears. Of course that’s assuming the characters are using a raw teleport which most don’t do.


yeah, vergil and wesker them shits are basicly safe


Air throw air teleports, punish grounded teleports with a fast starter or a throw if your character can combo off a throw.

Neither of Wesker/Vergil’s teleports are anywhere near safe and are highly punishable when done raw. Now if they cover their teleports with an assist it’s a different story.


Yep all depends on who is teleporting and if they’re covered by an assist or projectile. I know firsthand that Vergils teleport is very unsafe so I’ll never do it unless I have cover. As mentioned, mashed out Lights will blow Vergil up. Try reading the teleport as you’ll then react to it faster.


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If the teleports aren’t performed with assists, you could punish them with relative ease during the recovery. Throw opponents out of airbound teleports, and just input(/mash) on your fastest normal if they do a ‘grounded’ teleport.


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if you have a beam super just be prepared to toss it out as soon as your opponent is gone if you notice them teleporting every time they toss out an assist

  1. Air Throw, they are completely vulnerable if they are not cover.
  2. THC
  3. DHC like Kiss of Fires, Hailstorm, Bionic Arm, Strange’s upward beam
    4.Jump out of the assist mixup
  4. Back into the corner so that certain characters can not teleport behind you.
  5. Use assist that cover space from you back like Lariat, Missles, and Drones.
  6. Use special moves that cover you back. Doom has Photon shot, and Hidden Missiles and his super to prevent people from teleporting behind.
  7. Use A good and fast anti-air if they are above and a good cr.L that can autocorrect if they teleport behind you.


Attacks with backwards hitboxes are a good suggestion. Tron’s H attacks are wonderful for this, as they nullify projectiles that the teleporter may be using to mix you up, they have a large amount of active frames, have great reach and lead to ToDs. The only downside is using Tron. :frowning:


teleports can indeed be tricky, but the truth is they aren’t safe. if you play a teleporting characters, you know that mashers hit you out of it and jumpers avoid it.
one great tip i have for this is spectate online matches. if teleport characters are being used, use your imaginary controller to block the correct way. this is probably why i’m so good at locking teleports. it’s sometimes easy to sniff out when an opponent will teleport.
teleports like dante’s obviously lose to air grabs.
people who only teleport under cover of a projectile/assist are people who have been hit out of their teleports a million times. that makes it a little harder for you as long as their timing is good. this is probably where you should be blocking and waiting for them to use an unsafe attack for you to punish.