How can I purchase Zenny?


In the Capcom store shop, I don’t see any option to be able to purchase with Zenny…


You don’t. Zenny no longer exist


Zenny is being scrapped from the game and will not be available for purchase, according to one of the latest info blogs from Capcom.


You can’t if you want to buy content with real money, you can just buy it directly once it’s made available on PSN/Steam. No more converting into another currency, which might actually be better for consumers in certain regions since conversion doesn’t screw them over.


Well, costumes cost 4 bucks no matter the currency, so European players are screwed over regardless (4€/£ =/= 4$). Still it’s better than Zenny because you’d probably have to buy a fixed amount (100Z, 500Z, 1000Z and so on) which never really comes out even.


So then how do I purchased Guile stage I can’t do it to the game itself? Or have to go on PSN?


In the game itself. Shop -> Stages. Costs 70.000FM.


The real money option is not out yet, it will arrive this week.


Ah ok thx


it wouldn’t make any difference for other regions