How can I remove broke screws from the stick?


I don’t even know if this is the right place to ask, but here we go: Two screws broke when I tried to remove them, I am very worried about this because while I can still open and close it, if more screws break like this it’ll become a real problem. Has anyone here faced (and solved) this problem? How can I remove them?

Pictures of the problem:

Thanks in advance.


Is there any of the screw exposed over the hole? If so, try to use some type of pliers to grab that bit of exposed screw and turn it out manually. If there isn’t any of the screw sticking up you should use a cutting wheel to cut a slot in the top of the remaining screw. This will allow you to use a blade screwdriver to extract it. Good luck!


You may be able to drill a hole into the screw and glue a rod into the hole, and then twist it out using the rod.

You may be able to drill out the screw tap the hole and use a larger screw. Alternatively, drill out, retap, and use an insert.


Those are both possible but the two solutions that I suggested are much better. Not trying to shit on you or anything. It’s just true.


Dremel or buy new stick. If someone suggests a hand saw you give them a dirty look and never speak to them ever again.