How can I set up combos

I was just looking on dustloop and strategy corner, but it really did not help me on my question. I main Ragna, and that will probably go the same when I get CS. I know alot of combos that Ragna posses, but combos are usless when you do not know how to land them on your opponent. So, does any1 know how I can set up combos on people, especially when playing online. I basically know how to set up a combo with about every move Ragna has, even grabs and super combos, so any move will be fine.

Mixup what you do. Bait people to make mistakes. Example:

Now yeah, all your shit can get blocked, so you gotta mix up rushdown and playing defensive.

Yeah I know that game, hit hi or low tell you get them into a combo. But im trynna ask how I can get close enough with out taking damage before I can do the pressure game.

If you want a good combo, heres one for Bang
A light B medium c heavy d drive
^<>V arrows
Punching move that is down forward down forward - pm

A, B, VB, VC, VB, pm, small dash forward, >C, pm, VB, pm, D, jump forward, <C, C

There are multiple versions you could swap in and out.
Starts as standing combo into a trip into a ground combo into a multiple wall bounce combo.

You could start off with C into a VB and continue from there, overhead punch into trip. Or just from trip is easy. It requires some timing when wall bouncing, you could use his running super right after a wall bounce as well and his very close super right after the first super. Though damage would be lowered so the best would be 1 or 2 wall bounces then the first super which could also be followed by a low light jab into whatever else you want such as forward heavy kick and jump some for a grab or another reverse heavy kick that one where you point it towards the opposite end so the kick goes upward instead of down.

1st, I main Ragna, and hardly use Bang. 2nd those are combos, and combos are useless if you can not land them on your opponent. Can someone else help me please!!!

BitterSweet, you’re doing notation wrong. I’m pretty sure you meant
5A -> 5B -> 2B -> 2C -> 623B* -> 66C -> 623B -> 2B -> 623B -> 5D -> jc7 -> j.4C -> j.C

    • (Double palm thrust is 623, not 33)

Anyways, getting in with Ragna is fairly simple. It’s matchup specific, but your decent options are:

IAD -> j.C
Jump (forwards), bait antiair, airdash or doublejump forwards after -> j.C
Dash / Walk forwards, 5B
Hell’s Fang (after baiting something from a distance)
2C Fatal (whenever possible)
j.B (crossup possible)
Antiair 6A

Rapid cancel if your mixup gets blocked, continue pressure.

I’m not a Ragna player, but that should help. Check Dustloop’s Ragna forums if you want advanced stuff.

Just noticed challenge mode that shows you combos. But there is a combo for everything from overhead attack, trips, air attacks if your fast, etc. Just find them out. Either way just go to challenge mode seeing how this is combos, you set up a combo by landing a hit and if that is too complicated, well go figure.

BitterSweet, you’re missing the point entirely. See Narcowski’s post for an example of what the story should be.

Anyhow, Ragna is VERY good at pressuring, so you’re golden when it comes to getting in. Is this your first ArcSys / airdash fighter? If so, a few things that are important:

You can’t block while airdashing, and you can block but not barrier block while superjumping. Ragna’s airdash is quite good, and his jB is great and jC is probably the best in the game, so learn to love them.

Anyhow, it depends who you’re fighting. Against Rachel, Litchi, Lambda, Hakumen, Jin, anyone who is playing a zoner you’re going to need to work on your instant blocking and jumping over their projectiles. Hell’s Fang and a tiger-kneed Gauntlet Hades cover ground pretty fast, GH is an overhead and HF leads into combos on counterhit. Both give you huge positional advantage. Ragna is quick on the ground, so don’t be afraid to just dash under or dash -> IAD to approach, but remember that while dashing you can get hit. Jumping moves like Hakumen’s 4C and Lambda’s 6D are great though, and if you can instant block well remember that you get 3% meter each time you do so. All said, figure out what moves are quick and move you forward and learn to counter opponents.

Ragna is freaking scary up close, so to get past block you have:

6a beats people jumping out of pressure and is just amazing on general.
6b is an overhead and will bust through a decent bit of stuff.
5b and 5c are really solid as blockstring filler.
2c is a bit slow, but has deceptively good range and fatal counters on counterhit, so i you catch them with it you can get huge damage.
3c hits low, and at close range leads into 22c to start combos.

With 50% meter, his Rapid Cancel game expands these options significantly.

If you’re being pressured, 623C/D is an amazing shoryu (best in the game), 6a is an amazing antiair, and his meter gain is good enough that you can Counter Assault or Rapid Cancel to get out of pressure or protect yourself from the endlag of unsafe moves. Remember, be careful about throwing out Carnage Scissors, it goes through some stuff but its priority is deceptively bad. Also, remember that Blood Kain increases range and hp gain, but you lose a lot of health (2k or 3k) over time due to it. And Devoured by Darkness prorates pretty badly and won’t usually hit raw.

You guys have just helped me alot, but you could help me more if you translate this into SF language :smiley:

Hah, a SF player? Figured as much.

Think of it this way: this is a computer number pad -


The directions correspond to that in universal notation (called so because it works for any fighting game, not just ones with motions SF uses, and it handles even random weird stuff). 1 is down-back, 4 is back, 6 is forwards, 7 is up-back. Etc.

A / B / C / D = Light, Medium, Heavy, Drive

Check the terminology or beginner thread, I know there’s something somewhere about all this. IAD is an odd concept to learn coming off street fighter, it’s the cancelling of a forwards or backwards jump into the respective airdash - 956 or 754 - in order to get a low-to-the-ground airdash that starts up faster than usual. This is very good for fast approaches or retreats, especially against characters like Tager because it’s throw-invulnerable and will usually hop lows that don’t catch you out of the 4-frame jump startup.

I disagree about Ragna’s j.C being the best in the game. It might be the best for air-to-ground, but Hakumen, Litchi and Mu have better air-to-air j.Cs for sure :stuck_out_tongue:
Everything else you said is right on though. 623C -> RC is a great tool for getting out of pressure, and Blood Kain is pretty amazing in CS. It has invincible startup, plus it increases his damage and range to godly levels.

To further expand on why universal notation is good, see Guilty Gear XX - Guilty Gear 100 - Conventions & Notations. It’s for Guilty Gear, but all of the basics are the same - c. and f. aren’t applicable because normals in Blazblue do not vary with spacing, and the guide includes plenty of other GG-specific stuff as well, but it’s still a good introduction to the notation system.

As a BB-specific example of why SF notation won’t work for BB, take Taokaka’s astral heat input: [4]128D. In SF notation, that would be “charge b, rqcb, u + d”, which is very awkward. Hazama’s is similarly awkward - 3412361 (SNK pretzel, don’t remember the button). Also, how would SF notation represent Carl’s entire moveset with Nirvana? All of her attacks are triggered by ]D[ (releasing D).

Uhh, you are aware that 2C is Ragna’s fastest non A normal right?

And 3C 5D is a much better combo starter.

If this was SF, only walk backwards and hold down back or throw a hadouken!!!

Though just pick Bang, hes overpowered because he wears a red scarf. Either way there is no secret, its just do you want to win or do you want to lose plain and simple. There isn’t as much formula in this game though it still exist, that’s what I would assume your asking on how to win versus another human opponent.

There is also a very long tutorial though some of it is anime fan service when Dracula is talking a lot.

I was a jin player for a long time, but when CS came out, i just moved on to my second main: Ragna, and made hakumen my sub - dropping jin…

I’m no high level player, but i do put some pressure on my oponents with ragna’s freaking range. However, one thing i try to do is make him crouch to get the overhead.

The point is, against people who usually play against you, the trick will probably work some times, but after that it gets very easy for them counter the stuff.

Usually i just do pressure with 5B->5C->5D-> dash or hell fang (one hit only) or gauntlet hades (one hit only too).
I also use 5B->5C->j. C -> standing 5B -> crouch B and so on… When you make your oponent crouch, do 6B ->5C->6C (2hits) and then you can follow up with two different things:

1st - high jump C->D->j.C->belial edge->standing 5D->gauntlet hades or hell fang
2nd -gauntlet hades (delaying the 2nd hit as much as you can) ->5B->6A->high jump C->j.C->belial edge - this one i still can’t follow, but i think you can do 5D->gauntlet hades or carnage scissors afterthat.

Hope i helped

If you’re looking for landing Ragna combos, it’s… largely the same as it is in almost any fitan gaim: Throw out a normal when your opponent is in range and do the combo that would normally follow that. Like, his… I think it was 5B (the high kick), you can combo off of that. If you land it by luck, WORK WITH IT. If you fish with normals, you’re bound to land a big combo off of it.

TK CH Gauntlet Hades gives you the bounce and a combo.
CH Hell’s Fang gives you the combo.
22C gives you the combo.
7C [falling] gives you the combo.

What I’m saying is that with certain characters, you don’t have to look for situations for combos, you have land one big hit with enough frame advantage for your next hit to slide in.

Damn you guys are helping me out alot oh gosh I shuda picked up CS when I went to the mall today but my TV is giving problems again -_-. Thanks alot people you guys are helping me out so much im so happy I signed up for srk now.

It also depends on which character you use, a character with projectiles is easier to get closer with.

You’ve probably realized this by now, but ignore everything BitterSweet says.

Anyhow, the characters that would apply to are a crapshoot - Lambda and Mu aren’t that easy to get in with, but who cares? Litchi and Bang, really, are the ones to watch for as their projectiles are amazing…but their rushdown is great in general so that’s just a bonus.

Lambda’s incredibly easy to get in close with. Just spam 236A. You’ll end up right next to the other player, then you’ll eat a combo :eng101:

236B is the thing to spam. It’s neutral on block.
And gets outprioritized by every move in the game.