How can I start Contact with Magneto?

Ok, When someone keeps using the juggernaut assist, How can I make contact with the next player to get a air combo? If I do low kick and start up the air combo the player jumps back. How can I overcome this to get Magneto start up his air combo???

u say at the start of the round? and your opponent has a juggernaut assist? what kind of assist? is it a, b or y? depends though. you if he jumps up-back, afaik, use the switch glitch. magneto’s comes out very fast i think that jumping up-back will not be able to escape it since it’s slightly slower than jumping straight up and blocking backwards i think. else, use psylocke or any assist, you can do a guardbreak this was since your opponent is in a normal jump position and can only block once.

expect for Sabertooth and a few others i fogot can’t be guard broken because he gets two actions for a normal jump.

in other words he can do jump hk, wait till it recovers, then another hk.

best part is that sabertooth can’t be GB by cable =p

My problem too, the crouching lk is good but I believe the crouching hp launcher comes out quite slow, is it bette to the the slide method instead?