How can I stay motivated?



This might not need a new thread, so I’m sorry if there’s redundancy!

I’m a new viper player (A little over one week in), and strangely enough the tech isn’t what is giving me a hard time. I am confident in my choice to main Viper (Previously Honda), and I am aware that it’s going to be speaking new language to try and learn to play such a radically different character. However, I am having trouble learning how to convert my training room wins into competitive play, and it’s downright disheartening to constantly lose to things I’d never lose to as my former main—Masher’s, jump-happy’s, etc. I know that there’s no way to know exactly how to maximize punishes this early in my journey, but I guess I just have this question to pose to these lovely boards:

How can I keep myself motivated to get better, even though my training room successes are not translating at all into true matches? How can I keep from being mentally guardbroken?


It’s as simple as continuing to play. Not sure what to say, because the answer is too straightforward, those who get past it will come out a better player, those who don’t will forever keep losing to “mashers” and “jump happy’s.”


Well when I first started I just waned to be like all those top Vipers as I was amazed at the things they were doing especially Joe whos the reason I decided to main Viper. I was always so happy after every match I played even if I got owned cause I always took something away from it and improved upon myself, just wanting to get better with this character I loved so much was enough motivation for me.

Your probably being to hard on yourself you have to be improving even if it’s just a little bit, you said yourself it’s a hard transition from Honda to Viper so don’t expect to see drastic changes of improvement…it’s a long road ahead.


Seismos all day baby. Seismos all day.

But seriously I don’t know if this problem relates to you, but one of the biggest problems I had when playing was deciding on how I should punish on the spot. Seeing how you mained Honda before, we know that his punishes are very straight-forward and to the point. They don’t require too many long sequences of input and the damage reward is good. With Viper it’s not the same, you gotta do a lot more to get the same reward. But don’t get too carried away.

Looking at videos of Marn and Latif are inspiring and make you sometimes want to flash and style, but don’t aim for that crap! If you’re thinking about what to punish with when the opportunity presents itself, but all you can think of doing is ->, then just do it, there’s nothing wrong with that! Yes, maximizing damage is important, but just be rational with what you’re practically able to execute in a match. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you whiff a tk, seismo, or ultra just because you wanted to do something cool, because then they’ll have plenty of time to use the bathroom, grab a snack, and THEN punish you.

As we all know, just because you can execute something in the training room doesn’t mean that it’s ready for primetime. The more you play, the better your execution will get (duh), so as long you’re dedicated, things such as FFF and sjc->Ultra will become embedded into your muscle memory.


Motivation all comes with the fun factor for me. To me viper is really fun with her tricks and combos. Plus the reward of beating people with those types of combos. I first got into viper only because of Latif to be honest. I’ve been playing only viper for under a year and there are things that I still cannot do consistently with her. But once you can nail seismo chains and all types of burn kicks, you become a threat to alot of players. I believe everyone is scared of a good viper. Especially someone who has good reactions to AA and punishing off of seismo. Once you practice alot of her set ups moves and mind games with her, you will want to stick with her.


Don’t worry, she has a steep initil learning curve but after you pass it you can herpderp all over just like the rest of them. All you can do is play matches, after awhile you will instinctively do things, like seismo chains etc.



I think playing Viper is really fun. The best way to stay motivated is to have fun IMO. Being bored isn’t fun. Have fun whether you win or lose.


I think the general consensus here is that you should have fun and that should be the thing that motivates you the most. There really isnt another answer seeing as the only other motivating factor that people respond too is need. either you want to or you need too.

If your asking how to get better the first thing you should do is practice a whole lot, and the second thing is you need to lose… a lot. Take it from me. I have the worst win ratio of any viper on xbox live and im a B+ lol. but seriously we see sick vipers like latif and just feel like we can never get to that level but hey everyone needs to take their licks before they reach enlightenment… its just how that shit works meng.


The way I stay motivated is kind of silly but I though I would share it just in case it may help someone else in the future.

I am a visual person and a pessimist. I need to see progress. If I play a match and I do well until I mess up a HP TK feint or something and it costs me the round/match, then that is what I will focus on and ignore whatever it is that I did successfully in the match. So what I do is sort of document my progress, by recording training sessions or matches. During these training sessions and matches, I set goals for myself. Although said goals usually just pertain to training mode. Some examples of these goals would be:

Perform FFF sjc BK 20 times in a row
Perform X amount of seismo chains in succession
Perform c.LK xxHP TK feint X amount of times in a row
Perform X action N amount of times

Once I meet whatever goal I set for myself, the number of times in a row goes up. Since I record the training mode sessions, I go back and watch them just so I can see that I am getting better/more consistent. I always have that visual proof of progress. Although some people might just want to write their progress down in Notepad or something instead of taking up a hefty chunk of hard drive space…

Another thing that I do to stay motivated is to watch top level player matches. While watching I make mental notes of what I was capable and not capable of doing in said match. Every so often I go back to those videos to see if anything has changed. Chances are my execution has gotten better and I can say “Oh, I can do that now.” All of these things together help me stay motivated. That, coupled with how much fun it is to play Viper.