How can I use the wired 360 controller's dpad on PC?

I started going through some of my older stuff and found my really old SF15th Anniversary stick that I modded so that it would be using a 360 wired controller’s PCB as opposed to the old PS2-Xbox PCB it had in the past.

My only gripe, is that unless I take it completely apart, the stick is wired to the D-pad as opposed to the left stick. This makes me unable to use the stick for PC fighters like GGPO 3rd Strike, MUGEN, etc.

Is there any way to make it work the D-Pad but without re-wiring?


You have the joystick wired as the D-pad? It will register as a POV hat. If for some reason the games don’t recognize it(which they should), use xpadder or joy2key to map the d-pad to keyboard keys, then set those as the controls in the game.

In general, a joystick shouldn’t be mapped primarily as the left stick, but in the Madcatz fightsticks a toggle does exist for use in games which don’t allow use of the d-pad for movement expanding the use from fighters and schmups to virtually any game that only uses 1 joystick(for example little big planet and castle crashers work great).

Yeah, I noticed even the Wii TvC stick lets me toggle from Left Stick, D-Pad, or Right stick since it acts as a “Classic Controller”. On a funny note, I now use the TvC stick with Brawl. XD


Yes, that really accomplished a lot. D

There is a driver called the XBCD that may help you. IDK if it works in Vista or 7 though.