How can i use training mode to get better?

i have only ever used the ai with random guard on to get hit confirms on

but i have no clue how to work anything in detail frame traps guard recovery you know stuff that does pay off other then practing combos

Best thing to do is note something in a match that happened and study it.

For example, if a Nash Player is killing you with Moonsault, experiment with all the different ways to get around it. It’s important to not only find 1 solution, but multiple solutions so you yourself don’t become predictable.

For example, as a Ryu player, the worst thing that can happen is that it hits you, but the second worst is that you block it since Nash is + frames on block. Knowing this, go through your options.

  1. Parry is probably high risk / high reward in that you can get a mean punish but have to expose yourself to a big risk in case the parry goes wrong.
  2. Medium DP is probably your best way of stuffing it early since you have the most invincibility with it.
  3. If you have to block it, be cognizant you are at a disadvantage and see what you can do. For example, most Nash players will cover themselves with a Sonic Boom. Think about how to move to get around both.

Hit confirms are important, but unless you can control the flow of the match, you’ll eventually stagnant.

The options on wake-up useful as well. Record you opponent, mashing LP on wake up and see what are your most effective ways of stuffing it. Then record them doing a backdash and try out your options, etc. See which of your moves covers the most or different options so you can get a feeling for what buttons will give you the best coverage depending on what your opponent does.

it’s the recording thing that gets to me. i don’t know what i should be practing is there like a step for step training mode break down?

Practice the things you have problems with.

Trouble anti airing, record the dummy to jump, next slot record him walking forward slightly, another slot record him walking back slightly, another slot is him standing still. Another slot record a poke. Lastly turn them all on which makes the fame choose random option and unpredictable when cpu will jump.

People mash jab on wakeup, record cr.lp as a wakeup option. This way you can find ways to time your pressure on their wakeup. For instance can you do something after a throw?

Do they mash cr.lp during pressure? Record a cr.lp as a guard recovery option and set the dummy on block. Press 2 normal attacks after another and if the dummy gets counterhit you just found yourself a frametrap. Choose attacks which can act as combostarters or hitconfirms into other stuff.

Find out what you can do after different enders. How to continue to apply pressure. Set dummy to quickrise or backrise and see what you can get. Again set dummy to wakeup option cr.lp so you know you can stuff them waking up with pressing buttons.

Having probkems beating or getting aroubd certain normals, record it and use your own normals to find buttons that beat them or allow you to whiff punish.

Trouble punising certain specials, record them and find your punishes.

Trouble against certain mixups or pressure scenarios, record and find out if there are holes and ways to avoid or even beat them.

The more you play the more questions youll have. Go into training after having encountered something you dont know the answer to…and figure stuff out.

Training mode is designed intuitively, explore options, fiddle around, get familiar with it by trying out stuff. Its a game, its not hard to figure out how training mode works.

Thanks but i’m still confused what to practice step by step. I watched vaspers video breakdown on training mode it kind of helped but still not sure if im even doing anything right :frowning:

There is no step by step, you practice what you think you need or want to practice. There is no handholding here, practice combos, anti airs, hitconfirming, frametrapping, setups, look at the ranges and pokes of your character and what normals to press in a given situation. Practice punishes, practice how to beat other setups and specials and normals.

The first things you want to practice are anti airing and blocking and using your normal attacks during neutral which can only truly be practiced against other life opponents.

Everything else will be a natural consequence of you gaining more experience. Dont chuck your head full of too kuch info. Just control space with normals, anti air jumps and try to block crossups and pressure sequences and tech throws(done on anticipation, not reaction) just doing this will allow you to beat most lower level players. Learn a few “combos”, like a normal attack cancelled into a special. The experience should be fun not needlessly complex and feel like chore.

Hitconfirming, optimizing combos, frametrapping, knockdown pressure, tught punishes etc etc will come later. Everytime you encounter a problem…something you are struggling with, youll want to practice in training so that next time you can do better.

Like i said anti airing, playing neutral with your buttons and properly blockingvand teching throws are the most important things the beginning. Without a good defense you wont get a chance to play. This stuff is mainly learned by PLAYING against LIFE opponents. All the other stuff comes afterwards.

For when you know what to practice here is a vid that might help then.

What would i need to select and do to this ?

i try to attack on meaty vs friends who are wild fighters and do alot crazy stuff not the best training but these are the ones i lose to online when someone plays netural and footises its alot more fun and easy to win but these wild’s who throw crazy stuff out get me every time i’ll aproach and try to meaty and get hit out every time.

I recommend giving this a try. you can learn a lot about playing a game through exercises like this.

If they keep beating your meaty attacks, don’t use meaty attacks and bait their moves instead. Then punish with a crush counter combo or something like that.
You can’t use the same approach against every player. There are too many play-styles in order for 1 single approach to work.

In case they are doing EX Uppercuts or throw on wakeup all the time, just try blocking that or walking out of their throw range right when they get up.
Force them to either:

  1. Mix it up
  2. Keep getting punished for the same moves in the same situation

Adapt to your opponent.
(of course it helps to figure out situations in training mode. Like “what can I do when my opponent mashes jab on wakeup”)

put on training mode cpu on hardest difficulty
only use standing light punch