How can I win against Cammy?

well my problem is, that i just don’t know hot to play against cammy. If the cammyplayer knows how to play i just have no chance. not one of my moves can hit her. i can’t jump in her and i can’t slide to her… vert balls are useless. and turtling doesn’t work either, because she just throw you…

so, how do you play against cammy?^^

First: Check the matchup thread. You’ll find it here.
Second: Crouch block and turtle it out. She can’t get at you, just be ready to tech and throw attempts.

I dont think its as easy as that, she can put a lot of pressure on with dive kicks and safe spiral arrows. Ex up ball doesnt beat dive kick either. I think this can be a hard match if the cammy is good.

Turtle… and assuming they’re average to not very good they’ll be throwing out random spiral arrows which you can just focus and punish.

[media=youtube]QGTZw3oY1Q4[/media] part 1
[media=youtube]XHBOSNCWwRk[/media] part 2
[media=youtube]rV-NRU_SvZk[/media] part 3

i’d like some advice too… because i have problems with this matchup as well. i think this is a matchup in cammy’s favor

i used to play a cammy pretty regularly, and i feel most of the matches don’t seem like to be under my control, as in, i’d only win if he was messing up.

here are some more stuff about cammy vs blanka in case you dont know:
spiral arrow punishes blocked balls (on hit in the corner i think)
ultra punishes all balls on block and hit

I think its in cammys favour too. Shes like a female balrog, when she gets you in the corner i just ex rainbow roll out of there cos shes lethal in the corner. Focus attacks probably win this fight but im terrible at using them, she can always just throw you anyway.

iirc, you can FA the dive kick, and she can’t do shit about it (Unlike say, every other character’s dive kick). I’d test it myself, but I can’t right now.

FAing the dive kick is dangerous because she can recover out of it quickly and do a cannon spike

I think this is 6-4 for cammy. You can’t really roll in this matchup, and upballs on wakeup aren’t safe either. It become a complete guessing game when she knocks you down, if shes doing throw or cannon spike (not sure if backdashing would beat this…havent tested it enough)

Plus, cammy is extremely hard to crossup. Small hitbox + auto correcting reversal cannon spike>_<

defo 6-4 to cammy.

I like to play the footsie game with cammy, hoping she gets impatient and does an unsafe cannon drill; from there, punish with a bnb (or just jab -> roll to be safe)

definitely turtle and react accordingly…getting overly aggressive just leads to reversal cannon spikes

Nowadays i just go to my other character (honda). The matchup is very similar but Honda’s damage output and punishment of misses cannon spikes are just much better than blanka’s

“How do you win against Cammy?”

Stop looking at her bum.

I don’t think so, her mix up game isnt great, her heath is worst, and we both dont have projectiles. If anything 6-4 blanka. Her combos are alittle more linked, but we have the same combos and do the same damage with less links. I usually jus FA cammys because they simply don’t have that many armor breaking moves. (that hand punch and heavy cannon strike are the only I can think of)

No way.

I was regularly getting destroyed by Cammy players until I started constantly hopping backwards to bait them into throwing stuff that is out of range, then punishing it with -> When she’s down, I’ll get just within Cannon Spike range and hop back right before they get up so they whiff, then hit them with a ball or slide. After baiting a few wakeups, they’ll usually change their strategy, which will often leave them open for cross ups or -> all over again. Even with these kinds of tricks, though, it is still a tough match and ridiculously difficult against the best Cammy players.

well turtle, punish all here moves with balls, try not to do the same thing, try changing ur strategy if its not working.

This isnt great advice. For one balls arent safe on hit in the corner, she can hit you with an ultra on hit anywhere on screen.Good cammys space the spiral arrow to be safe anyway. Turtle doesnt really work either, she can get in your face with dive kicks. Dive kicks beat ex upball i think, it did any time ive tried it anyway. Like someone else said when she has you knocked down its a guesing game.

btw I never played a good cammy and all there are scrubs.

Anyone ever play cobelcog on live? His cammy is a nightmare.

Bait the spiral arrows into grab, effective against cammy with any character. If she tries jumping in on you, shock her. And yeah, like someone else said, if she gets in close, get ready to tech.