How can I win at MK vs DC? (infinites, cheap strategies, etc. offline)


Okay, so my cousins think that MK vs DC is “off the chain”. i kno the game is total crap but I just want to prove how broken and stupid the game is. I looked at the tier list extensively and all, but I want some cheap combos/strategies/possible infinites to do on them when they challenge me.

Any ideas? I dont have the game nor will i waste 10 bucks to rent it lol so it has to be relatively easy to understand and i guess do. Help and comments much appreciated.


Superman + groundpound (pro version, which is chainable into ITSELF)

All Day


Repeat groundpound pro version (Superman)
also these (some links may be dead already since its old collection)
18.11.2008 = MKvsDC Reverse Catwoman
23.11.2008 = MKvsDC Batman Infinitely Shocked
28.11.2008 = MKvsDC Damn you fence!
[media=youtube]znEypsmt7Ko]YouTube - “damn you, fence…” [MK VS DC[/media]
18.12.2008 = MKvsDC Stupid Combo Vid
20.12.2008 = MKvsDC Flash Infinite
26.12.2008 = MKvsDC Superman Instant Kill Glitch
13.01.2009 = Flash Instant Kill Glitch
18.01.2009 = MKvsDC Combo Video Tribute from CHECK
[media=youtube]sdVPafx2pUY]YouTube - MKvsDC Combo Video Tribute YouTube - MKvsDC Combo Video Tribute part 2 of 3 [31.01.2009 = MKvsDC Sub-Zero Sword Glitch
22.01.2009 = MKvsDC Superman Infinite
03.02.2009 = MKvsDC Out of Ring Glitch
01.04.2009 = MKvsDC Captain Marvel Instant Kill Glitch
12.04.2009 = MKvsDC Sonya Instant Kill Glitch
22.04.2009 = MKvsDC Lex Luthor 1450% combo
09.06.2009 = MKvsDC Raiden Instant Kill Glitch
09.06.2009 = MKvsDC Kano Instant Kill Glitch

Also go to [url=]YouTube - CHECK4900’s Channel]([/media) and search “MKvsDC”, should find alot of infinites/glitches as well


haha thnx! does raiden play like his UMK3/MK4 counterparts? like, can i abuse teleport and his spear after I jump in? (Back back front? or F,F,4 motion)


lol Spear?!



… >.> hey man dont a make a fun of me
the one that goes full screen. nvm lol


Put the controller down or push the eject button.

Thats win in my book.


Way to support the community timmah. I don’t bash UMK 3 simply because I don’t like it and thus far you’ve never been able to post any reason MKDC is bad except you just didn’t like it. Tom said that he discussed mkdc with all the top UMK 3 players and they all said it was a solid game and they wouldn’t bash it any more. I guess you went back on what you said.

MKDC is actually a pretty solid fighter. The only two things banned in tournaemnt play are supermans infinite and flash’s infinite though I personally don’t think the flash infinite needs to be banned because he generally does more damage doing a regular combo than doing the infinite. The insta kill glitches are banned as well but most of those are online only anyway.

As for the question at hand. If your opponents are terrible then the easiest thing to do is play flash mix up 3 hit confirm bf4 or b3 into a juggle. b3,bf4,d/b3,3,bf4,2,2,1*d/b4,4,bf2 is his bnb. If your opponent blocks the 3 then you can build meter by doing 3,1. once you have full meter you can rage activate and bf4 into a combo for free unblockable damage.

If your opponents are decent to good then you can go with green lantern and play a basic turtle zoning game. His 113 is hmhh but jails the last 2 hits so you have to block it standing it chips 7% and builds a good amount of meter on block. When you have a breaker you can use it on almost any attack where you and your opponent is grounded and get a d/b1 into 1,1,4,bb3 for about 29% or d/b2d/b2d/b2 for unbreakable 25% damage.

Raiden’s teleport is good on this one and if your opponents aren’t good which it sounds like based on your description of how you played raiden then you can abuse it pretty easy and dominate them.

If you just want to abuse banned banned tactics because you don’t like the game and want to discourage them then you can do the ground pound infinite mentioned before. It’s only guaranteed off his juggles finishing with the just frame fly cancels but if your opponent doesn’t know how to quick rise you can simply knock them down and do the ground pound. The flash infinite has to be started from a b3 or a bf4 against an airborne opponent. its b3, bf4 and then you do d/b3 teleport let them drop to the ground and then b3 to relaunch bf4 repeat. Generally the opponent will get a breaker before you do much damage because damage scaling still comes into it and his regular combos off b3 are pretty high damage by themselves.


that… or wait for MK9


I never talked to Bill about it and I never said that, so check your sources, Martin. Thanks.

Dont like it, dont care for it, its obsolete and will be dead come April 19th. Thank god. But if its played at tourneys, where people will actually get off their ass and log out of their forums and come play it…i support that.


My source was bill but hey. Thus far MK 9 looks to play like MK 8 did so if you don’t like MKDC why are you looking forward to the next installement? I agree that the sidestep was too good on MK 8 and the removal is a good thing along with the removal of breaker combos and universal u2 is a good thing but the fundamentals look the same.


Bill’s a good dude, but i never told him that. I know he believes MK9 is, and thats fine. i take his word on it. maybe thats what he means. he is on another level when it comes to just about anything he plays.

anyway, yea you are right, but im also just as worried as i am excited for MK9. FYI, i was also pretty stoked for MKvDC. i love DCU, so i thought it could work, but didnt like it. anywho, getting sidetracked, but i just hope the fact it is full 2d, and supported by NRS though out the next year or so at least, patching fixing, etc it will help it turn into something worthwhile. i’ll support the scene and the players who dedicate their time for the MK9 no matter what i take out of MK9 personally.


Yeah, see that’s the attitude to take in the long run. I don’t much like Deception, in fact I pretty much hate it, but I like when I see people at least try to make the game work and get a community together. Fact is, the MK community is splintered at best. So any MK game getting play is a good thing for the community at large. It breeds camaraderie, rivalry, that burn to keep playing, etc. Not just for the current game, but any game that follows.

This isn’t just about MK9. It’s about MK10, MK11, MK12 and so on. MK9 is the springboard to seeing an MK community form that can at least match the level of Street Fighter or Marvel in terms of volume and enthusiasm. For all it’s virtues, UMK3 is old as shit. Not exactly the best selling point for up-and-coming players. It’s MK9 that needs to be the primary game in order to bring in fresh blood. People who may not have played MK since the Genesis days. That’s what SFIV did and it’s what MK9 can hopefully do.


MKvsDC actually has a decent amount of depth, just check out Bill aka Tom Brady’s videos YouTube - oTOMBRADYo’s Channel
The game has a very shitty netcode btw, those instant kill glitches only work online.

But yeah, to answer your question: I recommend practicing Green Lanterns Breaker combos if you want to piss him off lol… Chances are he doesn’t know how to get around it.

Edit-Since you don’t have the game, for GL’s simple breaker combo its Combo Breaker> Green hand > Pro hammer.


LOL thats the same way I feel about every MK game. But its the sonic cycle get your hopes up and then I’m like wtf is this crap. I liked mkdc because it was the first one since umk 3 that had depth and high level play. not everybody likes it and thats their right I just don’t like people bashing things simply because they don’t personally like it especially when established members of other communities like myself and Bill support why its good.

Great attitude to have about supporting the scene too. Thats the way I view it. I don’t like umk 3 because in pdx we played the hell out of it back in the day and we had free arcades so talking 12 hours a day 3-6 days a week for a year or two. I got burnt on it and I was actually a very good player and probably could compete in tournaments but i just get sick seeing it now. but I still support the community as long as it doesn’t mean I have to play in the tournament :slight_smile:

In support of MKDC its hit 3 majors and its supposed to be at a 4th pretty soon so you gotta give it some respect. I heard, but didn’t confirm, that it had more people at WCW 3 than tekken did.