How Can Learning Aids like Frame Data Apps/Prima Guides be more useful in competitive situations?

I’m building a new app for SF5 that builds on the good work of Apps like the Official SF5 Frame Data App, SF5 Guide and the Prima PDFs we’ve seen in the past. While these and others are all useful, my research, especially in competitive situations like Tournaments, has shown that they are all lacking in one way or another. These aren’t horrific flaws, more just things that I think can be quite easily improved. For example, if you are looking to find out what move punishes your opponents move on block, you don’t want to have to sit through a splash/loading screen, select your opponent, scroll down to the relevant move, make a note of it’s +/- frames, return to your character, scroll through all your moves, find a move that is faster than the recovery of the first move…

This is OK if time isn’t an issue, but if you have 20 seconds between matches at a tournament you want minimal clicks, minimal scrolling, minimal superfluous information (I really don’t think an app for competitive players needs to tell you that Ryu’s fireball is QCF+P, for example), a dedicated ‘Move Punisher’ feature like ‘SF5 Guide’ to get to the meat and bones of the frame data interactions between characters fast. If you can find out exactly what moves your character has that punish, say, Ryu’s d.HK sweep in a matter of seconds then this can be practically used in a tournament situation.

What do you guys think are the most important considerations for this type of competitive learning/reference tool?

I’m not a tournament player so I won’t answer the poll, but as someone who views streams, I haven’t noticed any down time in the middle of a set. If there is an opportunity for someone to check an app on their phone I didn’t catch it.

Yeah I think one of the reasons is lack of time and the fact that they nearly always have a pal there whispering in their ear. I also think the guys who are doing well either know their shit already or don’t need the frame data to work out the punish. Still, I’m sure some people use these apps (else why are people making them, including an official app) I guess i’m just trying to optimize them for rapid tournament use.

The Prima Guide is really useful, but I would like an even more exhautive version with more data such as chip damage, white health, ground recovery etc.

bump… I need answers people!

At the highest competitive levels I think notes would be the best. Basic frame data is a given. Beyond that, the pros probably would use notes for character specific matchups and special combos and even player specific stuff.