How can people watch Tougeki 2012 this year?


Not sure if this is even the right forum to talk about this but…

I hear that you can watch this on live stream this weekend on NicoNico as a pay-per-view? What’s the channel and how do you even pay for this thing?


I want to know as well, since I think I’ll buy it this year.


According to MarkMan’s blog, the NicoNico stream is free.


I read markamans blog and this stood out to me.

“Some of the event will be live streamed (for free) via Nico Nico, while the entire experience will be pay per view.”

I wonder what this means and how much of it we can watch for free?


So, still no word on the actual link for where the stream will be?


So yeah, Eventhubs has finally posed information on the super battle opera stream. 19 USD for 1 day, 31 USD for 2 days. Also as someone mentioned in the comment section note that Daigo is not coming to SBO as he’s playing in some charity event.


After some wait, the stream information regarding Tougeki -Super Battle Opera- 2012 is revealed.

The stream will be on Japanese video site NicoNico Douga. The stream will be seperate fro the Game Summer Festival umbrella event so don’t expect unusual games to appear. Each individual day will be priced at around 1,500 yen (approx. $19) while paying for both days will cost at 2,500 yen (approx. $30). Only portions of the event will be streamed for free while paying will provide the full experience.

If you are interested in seeing your fellow international Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players compete, witnessing another year of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike in Tougeki or just want to enjoy the overall experience, make sure to check out this guide by Fubarduck in how to pay for NicoNico points and go to this page to make your purchase (both indivdual day and weekend packages).


Holy shit that’s a huge rip-off.


It’s only so much because the Dollar sucks versus the Yen right now; a few years ago that same 1500 yen price would have been $10 instead of $20.


I guess I’ll wait for the YouTube rips :(.

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I purchased both days. Does anyone have any experience with Niconico’s time shift mode? If I enable time shift, will I only be able to watch it one time once I start watching? I’ll enabled it if I can watch it as much as I want within, say, an alloted period of time.


SBO main stage, not even joking!


Didn’t SBO used to be indoors…


if we purchase both days and it happens to rain and gets cancelled do we get a refund?


They said that if it rains the show WILL go on.

However if it’s typhoon-like rain then it’s canceled lol.


I have a question…I know how to buy the Nico points and what the stream links are but how do you assign the points towards the stream(as opposed to some other product they might have)? The guide didn’t really explain that part. I don’t want to use the points for something else accidentally and I don’t want to click randomly around to find out.

Edit: And yeah I’m also worried about what you mentioned, I don’t want to lose the purchase because I closed it and then reopened it.


You’ll go back to the page where you can purchase the stream:

There, you’ll hit the button next to the listing you want. If you have the points available, it will ask you if you want to use them. Hit the affirmation button (I think it’s a yellow button)

I bought both days. So, you should see the dark grey button from the image above next to whatever items you purchase.


Wheres that free restream gon be at??


Somewhere not posted publically.


I thought it was going to be an entire free stream. Well, I guess I’ll be waiting for the inevitable youtube uploads. Disappointing.