How can SNK/Capcom revive their dying/forgotten franchises?

I was about to make this thread only about Samurai Shodown, but I thought that would be too narrow minded, and others would want talk about other series that can be resurrected.

Since SS6 was met with a lukewarm response, and the latest 3D game has been met with limited praise, and I can imagine not being the financial success SNK imagined. Here’s my idea to revive this series to it’s former glory of SS V Special.

First: It has to be 2D with new sprites, I can do with or without being in HD. But new sprites have to be made.

Second: I may be yelled at for this, the fanboys will come up with some excuse as to how it wouldn’t fit into the main story line or whatever. But why not have The Last Blade characters meet the Samurai Shodown characters? Both franchises are set at around the same time, the mid to late 18th century, so why not? It can always be a dream match.

Third: Gameplay should stick pretty close to SS V Special, but should add what SS6 did by having different modes available. In this case; the player can pick SS V Special mode, or Last Blade mode (with the D button being a parry), and maybe a custom mode that mixes a little bit of both.

That’s about it. I think this could work if done right.

PS: Fatalities should be kept in tact and expanded upon.

There are already threads to cover the specific games and Capcom and SNK are far from dying.

Seeing this thread actually makes me wonder how much of a sucess the samurai showdown series has been financially in general. They should definately stop outsourcing SS though, as it hasn’t really done well as of late.

I personally think they should focus on Garou MOTW once KOF gets back on its feet, then maybe go to Sam Sho. Personally, Id like to see another game with the Buriki One cast returning for some MMA fights in the SNK realm. (maybe a older Kyo for Kenpo boxing, who knows)

On capcom’s side. They should definately Revive Rival Schools. It was made for 3d, and thats all they want to do with their fighting games nowadays, so its a perfect fit in my eyes.

Revive World Heroes, remake the gameplay so it isn’t ass, revamp the sprites, add more awesome historical characters(Looking at you Ghandi), and add Obama as a hidden character.

By making fun new games for them. Why ever do you ask, friend? :smile:

KOF, make a new 2D game with new sprites (XII)

3D KOF (maximum impact A) had a small run in the arcades internationally but it didn’t catch on even though it was a GREAT game

Samurai Shodown in soul calibur style was a bad idea

Capcom’s answers were HDR and SF4. I think people would go nuts over a remixed or brand new Vampire game.

Play WH Perfect.

With SS6 and Sen, SNK lost their focus. SS6 had wrong atmosphere and partially wrong gameplay (with features unused in any of SS1-SS5sp games, that changed flow of gameplay significantly in SS6); and Sen has right atmosphere and wrong gameplay. Most popular definition of Sen is “Some new unrelated game with some SS character models and arenas slapped on it”. Judging that more than half of characters in Sen are new, plus gameplay is completely new, it looks totally like some VS series instead of SS game.

And yes they should do SS vs LB, but before that they should port Asura Zanmaden to any playable platform.

isn’t KOF the most played fighter on the planet? someone correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think that KOF is dying\dead.

who gonna fuck with xiaohai?

Mang, Tekken is the most played Fighter.

^ yeah, it’s a bit more fickle than it used to be, but lately it’s probably (1) Tekken, (2) Soul, (3) VF, (4) SF, (5) MK, (6) KOF/SS/who cares what else.

Sprites? Do most software houses even have teams who would know what to do in a 2D environment? And even if they did, do you know how prohibitive the cost would be of drawing 60 frames per second for a hundred moves for 30 characters? Now that SF and the other games have gone 3D and been accepted for doing so, do you think there’s any going back?

But yet you forget about all the Latin American countries that play KOF…wayyyyyy more than Tekken…

KOF is the most played…but Tekken is like right there with it

Active revival of old series is not we need; people should just learn to move forward by play new games as they come out.

I have my favorites, too, but people should just let games die after their times are due.

hahahahaa you wish, tekken is nowhere near the popularity of kof:chat:

even though I love tekken, it is not getting any play in any other countries
outside of usa,japan, korea

all other countries in the world play kof

Make a new CVS will do the trick

you know 2d was the main format, a while back, you would think that they have that process mastered by now, the way I see it, is new kids these days are all about HD this and HD that and OMFGBBQ look at the graphics:lame: its a shame that 2d is becoming lost and lost as kids these days just dont care. :crybaby:

I swear if I could punch every fucker that keeps talking HD this and HD that :chainsaw::grrr::nunchuck:

and yes I have played that SF4, and its utter garbage slow as hell, jumps are floaty big characters dont feel like they are heavy when jumping. (reminds me of EX) the only interesting part was the ancelling you could do
other than that, its gargabe.

I have much more fun playing another 3D fighter like Rival Schools 2, tekken 5 DR or Virtua FIghter 5

Well, capcom has explained they aren’t done with remixes so you’re going to see some classics getting the treatment.

As for KOF…uh many games came/are coming out.

For Capcom I would like to see a new Rival Schools and Vampire game. Just brand new stroy and art work. Just get everything. With how the 3d engines are now RS would look sick and all they have to do is keep the same fun gameplay.

Well snk has KOF XII coming out which I can’t wait for. But another SS and LB would be beautiful. How about another NGBC and where is KOF MI3?

I don’t know what its like in Mexico but you have ghetto PS2 containing cabs with DR in Pakistan like everywhere. 2k2 and DR are the most played games easily.

2D isn’t a lost art. Cell phone games, Flash Games, Doujin Fighters, and most handheld games still use a ton of 2D. Saying it is becoming lost is nothing less than fucking stupid.

Fact is, for smaller games 2D is sometimes the best thing to do, however, for large projects like fighters it’s really fucking expensive. After nobody gave a shit about 3s, Capcom decided 3D was the best route. And, fact is, they were right, just look at some of the sales for SF4 compared previous titles other than SF2.

As for reviving series, HD remixes would be the best bet for Capcom. There is no point taking Capcom’s lesser known series that don’t have the name recognition like Street Fighter into a full-blown revival unless they know there is some kind of demand. Though I personally LOVE the idea of a remix Darkstalkers game nothing would compare to stomping people with Sasquach in HD!