How can they not see the problems Sim has with Rufus, Cammy, Yun regarding dive kicks



Seriously though if Combofiend and Dwarthian (sp) is truly trying to balance game, how can they not see how ridiculous of a match-up Sim has with the aforementioned characters?

I just dont understand. And please don’t say if they buff his yoga blast by making the hitbox bigger it will make him overpowered. Lastly even if he did seem OP it is not like there is going to be a flux of Sim players. Many people do not like the play style that Sim represents. They find it boring and lame since they cannot rush down with him.

Speaking of rush down, Sim has no catch up ability. If you get far behind with Sim you might as well say game over. I don’t have a problem with that being a problem of Sim but you have to make it so that people have a tougher time to get in. The way it is now, it is very easy to get in and zoning people out really is not a challenge for his opponents.

Sorry for rant and sorry if it seems like I’m whining. It’s just they asked for feedback on how to make things more balanced for each character and it doesn’t seem like they have listened.


Capcom dont want Sim to be anywhere top tier because hes a ‘boring’ character that is one of the most hated by online scrubs. Because of that they are way too safe when it comes to buffing/nerfing him, even though his problems are pretty clear and fixable.

Ultra will be Sims best version, but he most likely wont break past mid tier.


I don’t have a problem with Sim having difficulty against dive kick characters… if those are the only characters he has difficulty with. A balanced game just doesn’t meant that all match-ups are 5-5, it means that all characters have around the same amount of bad/even/good match-ups. It doesn’t seem like you can do anything about divekicks but to give Sim an invincible reversal, but that doesn’t make sense.


Totally agree with this.


I understand and also believe the match ups do not all need to be 5 - 5 but again giving him a little bigger range of his yoga blast would keep people honest. I also believe this doesn’t put him over the top.

The way it is now certain cast members can abuse moves with pretty much no consequences.

And Sim is far from boring. I find shotos boring but to each their own.


I didn’t say Dhalsim was boring at all. I’m just saying that most of the scrubs online who loses to Dhalsim says “he’s boring” or some other excuse.

I don’t think Dhalsim is boring at all. You have to play almost perfect to win with him. Other characters can make so many mistakes and still make a come back. You can’t do this with Dhalsim and that’s why I give a lot of respect to Dhalsim players. The character takes so much skill to win with.


Dhalsim is the best char to beat a newbie with. You can beat any newbie player with just s.HP and b.HK. If you want to be really mean you can “infinite” them with yoga fire, IAT PPP ending with a b.MKxxLP Yoga Flame, rinse and repeat.
And at the same time Dhalsim is one of the worst chars to use in a tournament. Against a very good player, Dhalsim has his normal “closeup” disadvantage but also has a full screen disadvantage (good players always counter-poke Dhalsims long limbs with cr.MP or some dumb shit like that)

In conclusion, there are more newbies than tournament players. Do the math and you’ll see why Dhalsim will always suck. Dhalsim needs to suck.

I’m just pissed because when you face a good player, you realize that Dhalsim sucks even at his optimal 3/4 screen distance…


Dhalsim doesn’t “need” to suck. Capcom just isn’t interested in supporting our play style is all. After AE/AE2012, if Dhalsim players continue to support the franchise, they’re basically failing an IQ test.

Vote with your wallets.

Honestly, ultra looks like a total pile of shit anyway. It shouldn’t be too hard to sit this out.


I think we need to hold on and see how it will pan out in Ultra. I feel that in 2012, Dhalsim must be paired with a secondary character. Sabin is the perfect example, he uses Rose for those intolerable Dhalism match-ups. He’s been breaking top 16 and top 8.


And play what? Anime game with 16 man bracket in majors?
Unfortunately it’s the most crowded fighting game and if you want to compete, it’s the game to play…

This is true since Super Street IV IMO… I hate the fact that I an’t just play anything else…
Right now Dhalsim only exists to kill Guile. Every other heavy-played character is a heavy counterpick to him.


The fact that CAPCOM does not see this just baffles me. They just want to concentrate tweaking the popular characters.


I agree you need a secondary. Its just so hard to build a solid secondary when you’re used to playing a character as unique as dhalsim. Even if you do get a secondary to a good level, I find you quickly get bored and want to go back to sim. Because of Sims matchups aswell, technically theres no point in carrying on playing him if you play a secondary thats mid tier or better. You’ll be better off with that secondary in most match ups. And then its like whats the point of even playing Sim in the first place? It would be cool if Sim had more cool counter matchups but he loses to so many characters hes not even really counter pick tier.

Who does he truly beat? Like Guile, Dee Jay, and who else? He doesnt counter Ryu anymore. I think he has competent neutral vs alot of characters but he doesnt really 7-3 anyone like most of the cast does to him. People think he beats the rest of the low tier like T Hawk and shit but even those characters he can struggle.

I love sim so much. I’ve found hes the only thing keeping me interested in FG’s recently, so I will accept my fate with him. But its hard to stay interested when he has little to no hope competitively.


My personally, I’ve moved on to other avenues of competitive gaming. I’m mostly playing CCGs now, as at least my playstyle is supported by both the devs and the meta. RTSes would probably be a good choice as well.

The writing is on the wall guys.


What a sad thread. YHC mochi & FChamp have both proved sim can be played competitively. The truth is that you aren’t good enough and you are blaming sim.

I actually think you guys should pick up another character, preferably a ‘top tier’. Because then when a dedicated sim player beats you down, you might gain some perspective.


Fchamp quit and is only playing Marvel, probably because he knows Dhalsim sucks.
YHC Mochi is probably the best Dhalsim in the world, but he never won any tournaments.

I know I suck and I can’t be compared to those 2 in any way, but the results are there. Since AE 2011 Dhalsim doesn’t make top3 in any serious tournaments.


Yeah I also think Arturo Sanchez would be dominating tournaments far more if Dhalsim was any good. His Dhalsim has actually gotten really good recently but it doesnt matter because Sim doesnt fit the direction of the game whatsoever.

I hate people who just moan and whine about their character without thinking about the bigger picture, but in Dhalsims case every complaint is justified. He needs ALOT. And it would be fair to give him that much because he will never be a face roll derp character.


They should at least give him back the damage he had in Super, this would be enough to make people respect him a bit more.
I don’t know why they buff things like Ultra 2 (wich is already his best move in the game IMO) and MK Yoga Blast (really?) but don’t buff things he really needs like his hurtboxes on basically everything (you can’t compete buttons in close range and I think that’s fair, but it sucks when every attempt at a long limb button from 1/2 screen or longer is broken with a cr.MP from almost every character in the game).


pls watch Gian/KKY/any decent dhalsim in ST. There’s a reason Sim/Vega amongst others aren’t as strong as they could be in this game.

I dont want to sound snarky but Dhalsim is more than capable of going toe to toe with a lot of the cast but obviously there are 10/12 charcaters that he just cant fight based on character design (and even then, the really good Dhalsim players still manage to win vs them from time to time). Even buffing small things like his damage and giving him more ‘tools’ wont stop the fact that Abel can roll through his limbs and maybe risk a throw or 150 damage off a b+mk xx flame at worst. It may not be fair but really If you’re trying to play Sim competitively now you probably need a counter char.


Isn’t this the same as saying that Sim can’t be layed competitively?


Not really. There are 43 chars in the new game, Dhalsim can beat over half of the cast. But if you want to spend your tournaments hoping you don’t run into bad match ups it’s probably smart to have a second ready.