How Can This Game Even Be Fixed?

Ignition entertainment has posted a seemingly sincere apology for the KOF 12 netcode and a promise to fix it for those that do not know (it can be found on the KOF forums at ignition page). The problem is… how on earth can something like this actually be fixed. To be completely honest all online games that i can think of which ship with horrible netcode never get fixed. How does one rewrite (at best) the entire code for online play and bundle it in a patch for a game already on CD. This is not a PC game we are talking here… this is a console game. Any programmers know if this is even possible before we all start holding out breath? How can one just drop in GGPO netcode into a game already out the door and on shelves with an existing and completely different netcode?

blazblue net code suck in the beginning i mean it sucks so there is hope, they fixed it

They would presumably have you download another patch. Which would change the games netcode considerably.

Since patches are pieces of data that change the games code. This would also apply to changing the netcode.

Like how BlazBlue’s netcode was bad before the patch.

They also need to patch the handcuff glitch soon. Vid of the glitch below.


Wow those guys commenting on the video were knocking the glitch pretty hard. Guess they never heard of this one: [media=youtube]a8IcbD4KDP8[/media]

I do agree these glitches need to be fixed but thats no reason to assume SNK didn’t bother testing their game.

Ha I actually hadn’t seen either of those glitches yet… nice! The raiden one is definately pretty classy.
I picked up Blazblue as soon it was available in Canada… but i think that was a couple days after the states due to shipping. I never found any problems witht the netcode but that is good to hear, I suppose there is some hope afterall.