How can u from headbut or knee drop to

Hi, i saw some RX and on few TOSF videos, some incredible buffer charges…or pationing, not sure how its done, so i cant guess which one is which. Anyways, i saw on RX videos, VS Makoto, Down Fierce Punch, then Low Chariot Rush, then Fierce Aegis, then fierce kick chariot rush, then knee drop to go on the other side, from there Dash then Fierce kick chariot rush!!!
Also, on a tosf video VS dudley, since dudley gets up quickly it was done diffrently, same thing, but instead of a knee drop to go on the other side, he did dash then Fierce Punch head butt, then as soon as he got on the other side, fierce kick chariot rush!!! how can he possibly charge 2secs during the head butt?!
plz, if any experts who can perform these combos willing to help, would be greatful!

there are lots of threads concerning charge partitioning. but i’ll point you in the general direction anyways

instead of back(charge) > forward + k,
you can do :
back(charge) > forward > back + k
back (charge) > forward > down + k

you can cheat a couple frames of charging there.

also, for stuff like dashing charged moves, for example the headbutt :

down(charge) > dash and in the dash tap down again > up + p

so let’s say you wanna knee drop to the other side and dash in and use tackle, it’d be something like this:

down(charge) > up > towards(because you’ll fly to the otherside) + K (keeping charging the towards and you’ll switch side and it’ll become ‘away’) > dash and tap ‘away’ during the end part of the dash > towards + k

that’s about how i do it, there are other ways. just remember the leeways are small, so u can only cheat so much. dun get greedy =P

thnx for the advice but…ur trick didnt work for me.
heres what I did…the second i press up+Kick to perform a knee drop, i press back, now for the computer, even if u go on the other side, its considered a back charge, basically when i drop on the other side, im still charging but becomes front, since i switch sides, now as soon as i drop, i dash, then press Back > Front > Kick, works for me :smiley:
How did I guess this, cuz sometimes when playing against the computer or some ppl, when they suddenly switch sides and i try to do a grab, a chariot rush comes out…
Also, i dont understand how u can possible do a knee drop, without pressing Kick, as soon as u press Up.
i mean i read ur thing and…u said, Down>Up>Front>Kick!!! how is that possible, if u dont press kick as soon as u press Up, performs a Jump!!:lol:

when u do it fast, it’ comes out~ picture up-forward instead of up, forward

when i say a couple of frames, it’s still only like 1/8th of a second ^^

and about the towards/away thing when crossing over, it depends if u start charging before/after u’re above the opponents head