How Can We Improve Our Net Connection?

I am in US with 3mbps upload speed and my friend is in Japan who has 30mpbs upload speed. Why is it when we played, we are still so laggy.

Is there anything we can do to improve our connection? I was thinking on upgrading mine to a higher upload speed including the download speed. But I am not sure if this helps.

You’re limited by the speed of light in this case. Your issue is simple latency between the US and Japan. Try a simple ping to a server known to be located in Japan and check the results.

Keep in mind each frame in SF4 is approximately 16 2/3ms (0.016666666666 [to infinity] seconds), so divide the result by that, and you’ll see what your frame latency will roughly be. More pings will give you more information, and a better average.

Thats right, its all about the ping, not the bandwidth. Data transfer is small. You can test your ping at - but be sure to pick a server in japan(or close) before testing.

Tell capcom to improve the netcode.

errrrmmm no, the only real way to see if a connection is reliable is to play a few games. There are too many things that can change ping results (and usually do.)

While you could probably play a Japanese player over GGPO if you live in California, I don’t think you can expect that with SFIV.

Players in Japan lag to me on my connection and my speedtest results were pinging at 4ms 215mbps down 110 up. Friend of mine has bad connections to players in Japan and he’s in Hawaii. The only way to reliably get connections is probably by being in Asia

have you both also tried to reset the router? In some cases this helps. The connection I am at sometimes reduces speed to 1/3 if I have not reset the router for a few days.

Yes try this, and also reset(unplug and replug) your DSL modem if you have one to resync the line, sometimes this can help a lot before starting your matches.

Where do you live? A 4ms ping is absurdly low if you don’t live in Japan and are on the same network as them.

Are those your Jitter results?

I used speedtest. I am not at home right now, I have my results from the last time I did this. I was wrong though, it wasn’t 4ms it was 5ms

Wire the connection. DMZ and port forward.

there was a thread about portforwarding and Windows Live

set these addresses:

UPD 88
TCP, UDP 3074
UDP 7845
TCP 4398
TCP 4000

That’s your ping on your local server since it says server = LA. There’s no way in hell one can get a 4ms ping on a Japanese server if you’re in USA, that’s impossible at this time.

As mentioned already, bandwidth speed isn’t as important as how low and stable is your ping on a specific server, best results would be on a server that gives you consistent low pings without fluctuations which cause lag spikes. Believe it or not 1Mbps up and down is more than enough to play SF4 online, I’m sure it can be perfectly fine even with less too, that’s just an example.

At manually choose a Japanese server and see how much ping it gives you. Anything above 100ms is just a waste of time IMO (200ms+ is just a joke lol), I can manage with some 50-70ms connections but I prefer to play in the sub 40ms range to not get fucked by lag too much.

As for general tips to get a stable connection:

  • Port forward the necessary ports in your router for your console or just put it in DMZ mode i f you’re lazy.
  • Use wired connection
  • Don’t download porn while playing online lol, seriously though don’t use the internet much while playing because that can fuck up your gameplay, specially if you didn’t configure your router’s QoS settings.