How can you connect cr.lp with



And how can you connect them with EX dash upper?


you link cr.lp and, then cancel into ex.dash upper

hold down and back, press lp, then quickly after press mp, and then as the mp hits, press forward and 2K.

is that what you were asking for?


No What I ment is that cr.lp doesn’t connect with properly I have done it a few times but after the EX dash upper I can’t connect cr.lp after that I know how to charge BTW


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  1. Go into training mode and practice the combo with autoblock on. If your cr. Mp isn’t coming out you pressed too early. If it’s coming out but getting blocked you pressed too late. The link is kind of hard to get down and takes a fair amount of practice to get consistent.

  2. Learn to plink to make the link a bit easier.

  3. You can replace cr. Mp with cr. Lk if you’re having trouble. It doesn’t do as much damage but is a lot easier if you’re just starting out.

  4. Simple questions like this should be asked in the Q&A thread, to avoid clutter. :slight_smile: