How can you measure good keep-away?


If you wanna measure good keep away in any fighting game, look for characters that are designed to negate or lessen the effectiveness of your keep away. Get a friend and practice against them, and keep them out.

Zoning can be a way to set it up, putting your opponent where you want them so you can keep them out until you want them in

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Gahh this game is harsh for a dedicated keep away specialist. Being that this is Marvel Vs TOD combo 3, someone playing keep away can’t take advantage of the broken melee mechanics. So if you slip up it could be all over, but your opponent can make a ton of mistakes and still come out on top if you don’t play a perfect game.

So theres a lot more pressure on the keep away player, with every victory defying the odds in a game that does not support this play style.


Look. Good keepaway needs good assists, and good assist calls. People online get mad because they don’t know hoe easily punishable and keepaway character is, especially arthur. His main strength is that he beats out almost any assist call with the flick of a finger from fullscreen, they you get Goddess Bracelet loop’d. Thats why meter is so damn important for arthur, his ability to punish bad assist calls so they cant mindlessley use assists to punish your shit is better than any other character. Plus ginger midget knights are cool.


Punish assists at the flick of a finger? wha?

And he is NOT a midget. I’ll have you know in his world he is normal sized good sir.


let me rephrase that. he can punish the top assists like missiles and drones with meter. its why he needs meter so damn much.


Naaa my Arthur is pretty tough without meter, and often opponents will stand in front of the bracelet and block to protect their assist.

The main thing about not having meter when he’s out is ending air combos. Hate not having meter at such a time and having them get away without inflicting as much damage as i can(just have to settle with three daggers after the fire bottle in that instance).


Well who are you running? i just try to put as much shit as possibru on the screen if indont have meter, dont even gomfor the otg. The great part about ending combos in gpddess bracelet is that you can jump back and reset your keepaway


Heck no. If i score that air combo its silly not to do the fire bottle OTG+daggers at least. Gotta take what you can get in this game.



If you can consistently control the opponent’s movements and dominate them from range, while being able to prep for and avoid situations where the opponent may have an entrance to approach, then you’re basically playing good keep-away. If somebody loses, their argument is void. Regardless of how you lost, you lost. Just ignore the people raging that the match didn’t go their way.

Why not just go Arthur/Doom/Hawkeye and learn some air loop/tac infinite with Doom so you can kill off of a hit -> TAC with Arthur? You have to make use of the broken combo mechanics some how or you just end up gimping yourself.


Yeah, but I like making them panic at low health and hard-tag. And plus with meter building assist I also get GMFD which basically means if you let me call my assist enough, you cant call an assist or losing two characters. Then arthur dies and its up to MorriDoom, which I like.


Yeah my Doom sucks. I play him like a projectile character.


If you play him online just footdive. Always works. (Please know that Im joking, dont do that.)


Still, the “free” TOD combo with Arthur must be tempting. You can play him as a zoner and learn that one tac combo so Arthur can essentially kill off of any hit and gain a shit ton of meter in the process. It’s marvel 3.


But TACing is too cheap for me… I just feel bad when I do it.


Fuck that. You play the game, you use the tools. Not your fault dumb tools exist, but you can bet your ass that your opponent wont hesitate to use it against you.


And the best thing I can get off of them online is MMHS. Shit is impossible online. Plus you can break them, I like my things to be guaranteed.


HuH? Arthur has no TODs.


Arthur TAC into Doom is a three way guess into possible TOD. Who cares if it can be broken when the alternative is leaving the character you just hit alive so they can try getting in on you again, and then killing you off of one hit?


He means using the Doom TAC infinite to score a kill. I wouldn’t really call it a TOD for Arthur because he did almost nothing in that combo, but it can lead to a kill from a hit that point Arthur landed, so some may consider it a TOD for him.


Very much agree. I believe the pinnacle of keepaway isn’t just making it so the opponent never gets close to you, but it is when you take control of the zone in between yourself and the opponent so that you can pick and choose your points of attack and escape, similar to a hit and run style. Take ChrisG for example: at first, his Morrigan was all about firing as many soul fists so that you don’t have the chance to get close to her. Now, he uses her mobility not only as a way of attacking and being able to cover her mixups, but to cover her escape as soon as he realizes the opponent didn’t get opened up. As much as I love Arthur, I realized he couldn’t fit in into this play style as well as other characters can when it came to high level play. Having many daggers and axes doesn’t change the fact that his mobility is very limited, which I think is the reason why he isn’t as dominant as a zoning neutral character like say Morrigan or Wesker.