How can you sit through Ranking Match Mode?

Seriously, I don’t know how some of you can sit through this mode, having to go to back to the previous menu screen after every match and find another player to fight. I would rather just find a good, stable player in Player Match and do 10 or 20 rematches. Plus, people on Ranking Mode are more inclined to drop to preserve the BP rating. It’s the same with HD Remix. Having to click a bunch of buttons just to find another player is annoying.

I would be fine if after ever Ranked Match, the netcode automatically matches you up with another player right after the fight, so that it’s seamless. But gahhh, PLayer Match is where it’s at for the convenience. Anybody like me or am I strange?

well no stranger than any of us flying spaghetti m0nsterz, you got an extra baby leg too right =p The back to back ranking would be the best idea, maybe capcom well bless us on the next update :slight_smile: Or hell even a progessive increase in skill level like the ol school kung flicks (36 chambers!!) meantime though there should be some kind of backend to that disconnect as prefer ranked matches (they generally bring out better competition to play with)

Have you tried accepting online challenges from Arcade mode? If nothing else it passes the time better while waiting for matches. You can set it for ranked or unranked, more skilled, equal skill, etc. in preferences.

I don’t, just go into the PSN ID thread and add people, if you find someone cool then keep playing them, no biggie.

This what I do. Get some practice vs the CPU between match challenges.

At least while playing the CPU you get to fight against other characters besides Ken.:wgrin:

Like the other guys said if you really want to play ranked do it with arcade challenge on. Nothing is more shitty than playing lobby fighter 4. Also add some friends to your list and play player matches.

i understand ya pain. but for ps3 its only 1 button to refresh the page. but it seems better when u go to custom matches and search for 5 round players.

seems those players are better and want to game it up and not just care about bp with 1 round 30 secs games.

but ya go to the 5 round genre. better comp there from what ive seen and played