How Capcom is handling the update to PC AE 2012 - Show you care

Tell Capcom how you feel about how they are handling this update for PC gamers. Currently the December 13th released AE 2012 patch is not available to PC gamers and after spending weeks waiting to at least get a release date(since they didn’t tell us when they announced the console release date waaay back 2 months ago.) we are told they are now comfortable saying that the patch is scheduled to come out “Q1 2012” meaning any time between January and MARCH.

Having voiced our complaints we were told “it isn’t as trivial as we think” to update the PC version. And that the team porting SFxT to PC is the same ones doing the AE 2012 so there are limited resources.

As you may know, SRK’s very own Yeb has managed to compile a patch that includes around 90% of all of the AE 2012 changes that were documented by Capcom. The fact this was done on free time, by one fan, over a short period of time, using unofficial tools has left many PC fans questioning the legitimacy of Capcom’s statements of “complexity” and their lack of timeliness on handling this patch.

If you are unhappy with how this is being handled. Post over on the forums stating so. I have outlined in this thread: how I feel about this (it is on page 3, it is a LOOOONG post so get some popcorn.)

Capcom needs to know that just because PC gamers are willing to take some crap as second class citizens for their business model, doesn’t give them the right to walk all over us.

I can’t really blame Capcom this time, there were about 9 people on today in open games. Over the span of an hour and a half.

And this is when the game is on sale.

  1. Endless is much less popular than ranked on PC
  2. A number of people are waiting for the AE 2012 patch to drop and playing on consoles instead.
  3. AE is on sale, but it hasn’t been part of the big winter sale yet, thus there is less eyes on it. All capcom games are on sale right now, thus there is less eyes on that one particular title. If AE hits the front page as a special sale separate from the Capcom publisher sales, than you’ll see a spike in the number of people buying the game. When everything is on sale, having AE on sale is nothing special.

I don’t even play online on PC but this delay pisses me off because I always tend to test stuff on PC because it’s just more convenient and faster.

Free SFxTekken and Gems sounds pretty good to me instead of trying to get a suggestion through Capcom’s thick skull yet again.

Ono just tweeted that they updated the english SFxT site. I went to the site, first thing I notice: they didn’t even bother to list the PC as one of the platforms the game is coming to. They suuuuure care about promoting the PC platform. Game doesn’t sell well it is pirates fault or PC not viable platform. Not the fact they couldn’t even be bothered to advertise, much less even ADMIT the game is coming to PC :confused:

■Platforms: PlayStation®3 / Xbox 360® / PlayStation®Vita
■Genre: Fighting
■Release date: [PS3/Xbox 360] March 8th, 2012 / [PS Vita] TBA
■MSRP: [PS3/Xbox 360] 6,990yen (tax incl) / [PS Vita] TBA
■Players: 1-4
■CERO Rating: B (Must be over 12 years of age)

To be fair, this is probably because consoles have the patch. Anyone who actually cared about street fighter more than likely took the plunge when super wasn’t coming for PC, and so they now have a copy of AE on console. And might as well play the console version, whats the point in practicing in the outdated version?

I’ve been enjoying Yeb Edition on PC with friends, as he got all 2 of the changes right with my character. I did notice a few issues with other characters (Chun invisible Kikosho, Denjin Hagouken not sped up so it can’t combo from AA fireballs, 2-hit Ryu fierce DP on block) but he got a large chunk of the changes right. Big props to Yeb for providing us with a mostly-working 2012 PC when Capcom refused to.

Fan mods also aren’t bound to the same standards that official updates are so comparing the two is laughable. There are requirements, Q&A issues, and other general things to consider when releasing an update to a PC game that are similar in some ways, but separate from the hoops you have to jump through to patch a console game. Fans don’t have to worry about any of this.

It sucks that peeps have to wait a bit for the patch on the PC version but these things as simple as you’re assuming. I think it’s pretty safe to say that because the 2012 patch wasn’t even supposed to be released, the team’s schedule and resources at this time aren’t exactly where they planned for, and the delay on the PC patch is a consequence of this as, understandably, the PC version of AE is low priority to them. Your righteous indignation is misguided and making a big stink out of this seems pretty childish.

Just slap in the PS360 version like everyone else who’s taken the game at least somewhat seriously. Failing that, be patient and find something different to do with your time for a while.

Maybe we should see how people respond if they decided to update XBL but wait 1-3 months for PSN. Oh wait, everyone would be mad as fuck.

I understand quite a bit about how the industry of game development works as I have done work IN IT and have long time friends who are senior level members of companies like Gas Powered Games, Relic, and Valve.

I understand there is QA (not Q&A that is Question and Answer. QA is Quality Assurance). I also know that there is Microsoft Certification required for a patch to go live over GFWL or XBL. The general process of which is fairly nebulous and often complained about by developers ranging from lowlie indie devs such as Team Meat and Johnathan Blow (Braid) all the way up to triple A game makers such as Gearbox and Bioware.

That said, the cert process is not what is holding it up as Sven has stated the team working on SFxT is also doing the AE 2012 patch (there for the patch has not yet been submitted to Microsoft.)

The code bases for the games are different from Xbox / PS3 / Arcade yes. However the time it takes to DEVELOP the patch vs the time it takes to actually CODE the patch is huge. Any respectable programmer would be able to change the code and compile it over the course of a week, send to MS for Cert and have it ready to ship within another 3 weeks. They aren’t adding new things or changing how the engine is optimized. The HARD part of deciding what balance changes to make is already done. This is a BALANCE patch not a bug fix or optimization patch.

What do you even mean “the 2012 patch wasn’t even supposed to be released?” they announced it a few weeks after EVO. They have had MONTHS to organize their resources and plan for this. They hadn’t even decided if they were bringing SFxT to the PC when they had announced that they were going to do AE 2012 so there is even less excuse since they knew what resources they would have available and could plan around the newly announced SFxT port instead of having to pull someone off of the project mid stride.

Fan Mods don’t have to be held to the same standards as official releases. That is why patience is something we HAVE HAD. Yeb’s fanmade patch is a frankenstein monster but it was also completed days before the console patch even hit. The fact is that Yeb doesnt have the resources of a billion dollar company, or the time that 2-3 people doing something as a job have. So the point is while Yeb with less resources can put together a patch in 3-4 days that functions FAIR. A company who has massive resources and the official tools required can’t do something similar in a MONTH? Potentially THREE months? Even with the extra hoops the resource difference and difference in time makes it inexcusable.

The funniest thing is that arcades are technically closest to a computer - it’s way easier to port the patch to PC than to xBox/PS.

The only reason I can see for them not releasing the PC patch is that they want people to “play around to find the hidden changes” (seriously what the shit is this?), which becomes obsolete after a PC version gets released since checking what parts of the code got changed is ridiculously easy.

It is a resources thing more than likely. While it is true that porting the data from the arcade version is probably much easier there is significantly less people working on it than were on xbox / ps3. It is like the PS3/Xbox was 10 guys trying to lift 1000lbs together and the PC is 1 guy trying to lift 500lbs by himself. Technically less weight but much harder due to resources available.

Pictured here: the PS3 / 360 Street Fighter team.

Here we see the PC “team” hard at work.

Capcom isn’t going to make much money off of this (or so they predict.)
SFxT will make money (or so they predict, that it will make more than putting this patch out would.)

Now, it really doesn’t take much to put a patch of this scope through. It’s tedious but that isn’t really an issue. The thing is, Capcom does have to pay a bunch of people to work on this. They want SFxT out as soon as possible with the amount of money they put behind it (which probably isn’t much.) Logically, you’d want to prioritize SFxT so if unforseen problems arise during development, they can be addressed sooner rather than later. It’s true - Capcom could (and should) have two teams working on this. But it’s cheaper to have one and Capcom likes to pretend that piracy is killing their business (or in words nobody ever wants to say, “We profit either way, but fuck everyone because we’re lazy, greedy, and just don’t care!”)

It’s just a business decision, and a sound one in my opinion. A sound but truly annoying business decision.

I sort of disagree that it is a sound business decision. Building a strong sense of good will with your community goes a LONG way towards return customers and word of mouth promotions.

Look at Valve, they got A LOT of flak for releasing L4D2 only 1 year after the first. However besides that one incident they have managed to breed massive good will with their fans that has in turn led to huge day 1 sales for new products and massive profit off of their in-game store system for TF2. Ask any Valve fan if they plan on picking up the next Valve title.

Now look at Capcom. Even among the most hard core fans of their products there is A LOT of discontent with how they have handled their sequels. It is a running joke that you might as well wait on purchasing a title because they are just going to release another version in 6 months - 1 year. It will in the long run hurt the longevity of the product (costing them more money due to lack of back end sales) and weaken the sales of other products releases.

This is all because Capcom hasn’t made the effort to strengthen their relationship with the community and show that they care about their products as much as their fans do.


Let’s look at things from a logical perspective.

What does the AE2012 patch REALLY consist of? Since this is all move properties/hitbox tweaks only, it will likely consist of a battle\regulation\latest directory, with a new .bac and .bcm for each character (AGL, BOS, BSN, GUL, etc.). There might also be some small UI elements changed, like an additional edition_mark.emz.

Also fairly certain the .EXE will need updated to seek out the 04_<name> directory as a ‘first view’ path for data files (this is why you can actually add mods to AE without overwriting files). This is, if the program has been set up properly at the source stage, a trivial addition into a global list.

The bulk of the files are data. Properly-formatted data should be easily transferable to a different platform without needing re-created. So thinking that we’re just “whining” because of a conscious decision to go slow on getting caught up is ludicrous. It’s reasonable for people to be upset considering this is yet another incident to put into the “Capcom loves shafting the PC platform” file.

Tiberious: 100% agreed.

we all know game assets were 100% compatible betweem PC and the “arcade” version:
they simply have no excuse…

god pc gamers are such babies. you are going to get the patch. just wait for it.

We need to go outside that Capcom building in Osaka with banners. Direct action FTW :stuck_out_tongue:

^ basically sums up the issue.

Also PC gamers have no problem waiting. I honestly expect that had Sven said “mid-late January” instead of “Q1 2012” people would be WAY less pissed off. Even if the patch DOES hit in that time frame it is the fact that they give themselves a potential 3 month window of delays.

O btw take note:
Arcade Edition release date: June 7th (June 28th for PC. Only 3 weeks later despite having to rewrite major code since there was no Super edition on PC. PC gamers were ecstatic at the return of the franchise and quick turn around.)
Release date of AE 2012: December 13th
Time between: 6months

AE release date: December 13th 2011 (consoles)
Potential release date for PC: January 1st - March 31st
1month to 3 1/2 months

So you are saying we shouldn’t be irritated that we may have to wait for a patch for half as long as AE was even AVAILABLE? And that is whining? Hell. They may even announce the next version of the game before we even get AE 2012 given the fact 2012 was announced in August, only 2 months after AE hit consoles.

Why is a console gamer’s $ worth any more than a PC gamers? No don’t point to piracy because I am specifically discussing PAYING CUSTOMERS.