How Capcom truly dropped the ball with Ultra SF4

Ultra is coming out in Arcades in Japan, where countless players will drop yen after yen into the machines to play it, there isn’t many arcades in the USA, but we want to play the game. If there was more arcades American players who take the game seriously would be dropping Dollar after Dollar into the machines to play. So what if there was another way for the more serious players to play the game and practice for EVO…there is. Capcom should have made the version of Ultra out in the arcades available on consoles in non-Japan regions for a higher price than it will be on the official release. I know most people would wait till the release date so to only pay $15, but I know many would pay extra to get it early.

How to train for EVO:

-Read notes from players, watch vids from JPN arcades
-keep on grinding AE2012 until June when Ultra drops stateside

How Japanese and other countries with arcade scenes get to train

-Go to arcade, have a blast playing against tons of high level players offline. Have discussions.

A lot more fun.

People getting to play games early is a fact of life. As is people whinging about it. Betcha had it been a simultaneous release, y’all would still be crying about the testers who got early access (just like Injustice players last year).

Better solution: More people should actually frequent their local arcades (if any) instead of just bemoaning their slow death.

And let’s be real. Nobody in this day and age wants to drop $1/play at an arcade. Even if that makes fiscal sense for an arcade operator to do so, we can’t do that in a culture where we’re used to games being $0.25-$0.50, despite how bad inflation has gotten when this WAS a semi-decent way to make money in the early 90s.

If America had a thriving arcade scene, they’d probably be offering up Ultra machines to us as well. But we don’t, so we gotta hold that shit, while Japan gets to play favorites in their home town.

I heard that in Japan they sorta don’t talk to each other much. They do if they’re all in Topanga or whatever but in arcades it’s seen as rude to approach someone and they’ll kinda pretend you don’t exist. Don’t know how true that is.

I sure as hell HOPE they’ve been bringing in top players to test things. Last thing we need is something like that stupid Kazuya restand infinite.

I have no idea where you heard that. They talk all the time. Maybe if you’re brand new to the arcade or not a reg they don’t talk to you, but that’s sort of the norm at any arcade. The regular core groups seem to talk to each other all the time.

Ummmm… fuck… I wanna say Wake up SRK? I’m going to lean towards Fubarduck or Kim1234 too. Not 100 percent on that.

Japan, where just about every old and niche game has a solid scene. Where you can really play whatever you want, and be assured there is a lot of great competition.

if the game was out the same time as the Japanese arcade , Japanese players would just buy it outside japan, simple as that, while arcade is cool and you can learn stuff, it does not match free training mode at home, most arcade players use training mode on console and go to the arcade to practice what they learn

capcom want peoples to go back to the arcade, and actually make easy money from the update , and that was one of the only way , am not sure how much Ultra costed but just by the arcade version sells they might get full money back, or half of it at the very least

so its not much of " boooohhh capcom favor japanese players before the rest of the world ", they dont give that much of a fuck, its more about money and business deals with Taito/Nesica, pretty sure they might have some kind of time exclusivity

who cares…not like you are winning evo

or even getting top64

Been here for 5 years now. People are plenty friendly. Go in the late evening (around 9pm) and the players start showing up. In the daytime, arcades are all tumbleweeds and NEETs, killing time on Final Fight…

…or Dengeki Bunko.

Capcom needs to make a new (good) Final Fight. I’d love to see one either in the style of Double Dragon Neon (retro 2D inspired still in the 80s/90s) or a more modern 3D style but done slightly tongue in cheek with lots of room for actual skill based play a-la God Hand. Love to see them hand the reins over to Platinum (specifically Inaba)


By the way, our local arcade has told their contact with the scene (so this is third hand) that the Ultra boards work differently to the AE ones, that CAPCOM has set them up to work like the Arc Sys games, where it’s hooked up to the Japanese network, and you can’t just get them shipped out internationally. As such we won’t be getting them, and will be waiting for June like all the suckers without an arcade scene.

Which I’m pretty salty about I gotta say.

Actually i think Super Arcade by my house is getting Ultra believe it or not, according to Mike. (The owner) But probably later down the line, cause Japanese people are special.

Not sure who you heard that from… sounds more like the US arcades to me.

I been here for like 7 years now and I have people come up and ask me how I got good with Necro. I even got some guy run around the cabinet to show me a combo with Zato (GGXrd) that I was really messing up.

They prefer more competition, so they will exchange tips and talk about the mechanics. Even the Yaks are friendly at the arcades.

There are many incredibly good players going out to test the water. Just really difficult to get practice in even at 1300 in the afternoon.

With Golden Week coming up… I will actually wake up early (early = before 1100) to go out and try to get some training rounds in.


In Japan it is all pretty much 1 buck a game… and 50 cents on the cheap end (shitty sticks and shitty monitor).

Just like the rest of the world will bitch and moan about not getting games released when Japan does, the Japanese were mad pissed off that the USofA got PS4s before they did O_o

Think of it like this… America got all the hardware defucked PS4s and Japan gets the models that are less likely to break.

Like wise, The RoW will only have to suffer the initial, broken phase of USF4 until a patch comes out, whereas I will have to go against some broken character(s) and drain all my monies until the arcades get patched and nerf some characters.

The grass is always greener on the other side… unless you have some USF4 cabnets close by ;p

On the other hand, the Japanese DO get those cool arcade BP tracking account cards.

Coz showing off my current 33.5% win rate in Ultra is damn sexy.

Some people here try to hide it by changing the settings to show total matches only, rather than win/loss ratios.