How closely will MvC3's remaining roster match SRK's most wanted? Let's find out!

I would like to do something different than what is being asked in the Wish list thread.
Let’s tally SRK members’ #1 character requests for MvC3’s remaining roster and let’s see how closely Capcom matches it. I will keep this original post updated with the results as they come in.
List ONE and only one character you want to see added to MvC3, as though only one more character will be unlocked before the game is released to the public. Keep it to Marvel or Capcom characters only please.
I’ll start with Donovan. I am also looking in the wish list thread for posts in which members state a single character they want in MvC3 that has not been released yet, and adding it to this list. Anyone who wants to change their answer can do so as long as they do so in a new reply and not by editing their post.

Top 5:
Doctor Strange (Marvel) - 4 [Singh32, malakyoma, Nickville17, KimuraLOX]
Mega Man (Capcom) - 3 [kingkiller12, MMMasterSTE, XxJosXX]

Albert Wesker (Resident Evil) - 2 [Machineking1313, GomuGomu]
Arthur (Ghouls 'n Ghosts) - 2 [VEGA_OMEGA, Thabounce33]
Cable (Marvel) - 2 [-Beat-, Cable86]
Jedah (Vampire Savior) - 2 [Twelve, EricTwist]
Jubilee (X-Men) - 2 [Paper, Starkilled]
Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney) - 2 [Phatty, drunkninja42]
Tron Bonne (Mega Man) - 2 [pimp bishop donjon, Andarel]
Zero (MegaMan) - 2 [tskitz, cable2099]

Alex (Street Fighter) - 1 [Kazer]
Archangel (X-Men) - 1 [PVPworld]
BB Hood (Darkstalkers) - 1 [BB Hood]
Bishop (X-Men) - 1 [Omnius]
Black Cat (Marvel) - 1 [Blackstones]
Blanka (Street Fighter) - 1 [.Guy.]
Carnage (Marvel) - 1 [shinwolverine]
Captain Commando (Capcom) - 1 [Blue Lightning]
Captain Sawada (SF movie) - 1 [Magunito]
C.Viper (Street Fighter) - 1 [gamewizard108]
Demitri (Darkstalkers) - 1 [Darkchun]
Donovan (Darkstalkers) - 1 [burningdojo]
Dr. Wily (MegaMan) - 1 [Pilgrim_Pud]
Forte (Mega Man) - 1 [MOB712]
Gambit (X-Men) - 1 [acidhairball]
Gene (GodHand) - 1 [Clover4lyf]
Guile (Street Fighter) - 1 [aynatix]
Hauzer (Red Earth) - 1 [Macarratti]
Hawkeye (Marvel) - 1 [WavyFLATLINE]
Heroman (Marvel) - 1 [bjk00]
Hsien-Ko (Darkstalker) - 1 [blinky77]
Iron Patriot (Marvel) - 1 [sladedragonov]
Joestars (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) - 1 [Kirballs1]
J. Jonah Jameson (Marvel) - 1 [New Era Outlaw][LEFT][/LEFT]
Mega Man X (Capcom) - 1 [ciberraja]
Mike Haggar (Final Fight) - 1 [TheUltimate]
Mr. Sinister (Marvel) - 1 [Sinister-X]
Nate Grey (Marvel) - 1 [specs]
Poison (Final Fight) - 1 [Anemone]
Professor X (X-Men) - 1 [eltwopee]
Protoman (MegaMan) - 1 [THE_Laxative]
Quicksilver (Marvel) - 1 [Quicksilver]
Sentinel (Capcom) - 1 [RayBasto]
Sonson (MvC2) - 1 [Miyomei]
Spiderman (Marvel - 1 [Kanta-Kun]
Squirrel Girl (Marvel) - 1 [Tizoc]
She-Hulk (Marvel) - 1 [StarCrispy]
Star Force MegaMan (Capcom) - 1 [Kalyx triaD]
Strider Hiryu (Capcom) - 1 [X_Sword]
Talbain (Darkstalkers) - 1 [DeadlyRave-Neo]

Phoenix Wright

I want Mike Haggar, “the uncivil servant” in this game.

It’s time Metro City’s mayor got his due.

Hauzer, from red earth.

Jedah from Vampire Savior.

My Marvel choice already got anounced. (thor)


On a more serious note: Hsien-Ko aka Lei Lei from Darkstalkers. Her style is already over the top, and seeing it taken to the next level in MvC3 would be a treat.

Krauser from Resident Evil 4. Would be MUCH more interesting than Wesker, and since we already have Resident Evil 5 represented, I feel it would be appropriate to bring in Resident Evil 4 villain into the mix.

Poison. No clarification is needed, any real man should no why.

The Black Cat
Star Sapphire

give me the titties.

EDIT- oh fuck, just saw the bolded part, well in that case I’ll just say Poison.

Tron Bonne. Repping the servbot overlord.

Carnage would be raw.

Capcom- Arthur

Marvel- Bishop

Edit, for my ONE pick ill take Arthur!

Gene from GodHand! One word—Ballbuster!

Why? He is a wacky kick ass fighter from a virtually unknown IP that Seth AND Niitsuman san says FIT into this game, yet didnt…

Zero. from the megaman zero games.


Where’s the list of characters that capcom X’d out, so we won’t waste votes?

I want a SERIOUS mega man character.

Full sized, competitively viable mega man. Not a little boy like they usually do (although I know he is a boy) but at least teen / early twenties so he isn’t so short like in mvc2. And not with his only attack being his blaster - some creative moves!!

I request Dr. strange

You do realize there are like, what, two teen Megamans? One I think (I said I THINK. I don’t really remember) is X. The other is .EXE.


Put another one down for Dr.Strange.

this zero

This is a pretty cool idea for a thread, but I think it would be even better if you did something like:

Make your choice for each of the following:

  1. Most wanted returning Marvel character from MvC2
  2. Most wanted new Marvel character
  3. Most wanted returning Capcom character from MvC2
  4. Most wanted new Capcom character

Mine would be:

  1. Magneto (I would say Spider-Man, but we really already know he is in).
  2. Green Goblin
  3. Strider Hiryu
  4. Sir Arthur (I would say a serious version of Mega Man, but we already know we are getting some iteration of him, which I’m guessing is Volnutt because of being in TvC and the Cattleox stage we’ve seen).