How come Daigo doesn't play marvel? And


I’m pretty sure this was answered in another thread but I searched and didn’t find anything. So whats the reason you don’t hear about Daigo and other Japanese players in relevance to MVC2? Why is it always American players?


japanese players prefer games with a concrete balance to them… marvel is not a game with good balance, so japanese players stick to other games… also marvel has been america’s vein of victory for many many long time, because japan doesn’t take it seriously american’s take it even more so serious and play and train in it pretty hard and the result of which is that america’s marvel skills are absurdly better than that of japan players who view the as unfair or onesided which is a valid argument…

to each his own and statistically speaking marvel is america’s best game… and it’s too over-the-top for japanese players to take seriously enough to play, practice, and master… that’s not to say that japan doesn’t have a handful a japanese marvel masters (i’ve never seen any personally) they just prefer more balanced games… also don’t take what i’ve said in a negative way, i freaking love marvel… these are just the facts…


wrong. the only reason is that MvC2 just isn’t as popular in Japan. They have a couple of pretty good players, but most didn’t get into it.


oh right, is that why alpha 3 was so popular over there?




I think it’s simply because the Marvel brand isn’t very popular in Japan. Balance has nothing to do with it, as people have pointed out… They have freakin’ SBX in this years SBO lol
I think I heard there were some japanese MvC2 players at last years Evo.


iirc the mvc2 arcade in japan had some retarded unlock system where you had to use points earned on the dc version to unlock chars in the arcade via the VMU and that hurt the game’s popularity a lot. you have guys like bas huger and ozy who played the earlier games so maybe they actually had a following?



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Because “Its MAHVEL BAYBEE” doesn’t translate as well into Japanese.


Japan doesn’t do money matches.


There’s definitely a following for MvC2 in Japan, it’s just not nearly as big and it’s a lot more spread out compared to the US. Check out the Mikado tourney vids on Youtube, you’ll see some interesting Japanese Marvel play there.


yo, Toki was always my favorite fist of the north star character, Heart never stood a chance against the gentle fist.


Well first off, my theory seeing a Marvel character in japan is like seeing a Tatsunoko Character here. There’s a fair amount of alienation associated them which would cause a real disocnnect with the customer base of that game in japan. Secondly, and maybe this is just me, Daigo really doesn’t seem to enjoy versus titles very much. I have seen his matches in cvs2 (not a true versus series game but still a crossover), and he just didn’t seem to find his niche. That game was so far removed form the foundations he had settled into with ST and 3s that it wasn’t even funny. Plus, it was a gitchfest. Most games I see Daigo playing aren’t extremely glitchy, at least not to to the point of Marvel or Cvs2. Thirdly, This would mean extremely, extremely loud areas to fight in, and extremely hard to concentrate. Not to say hat Daigo can’t get in the zone or handle the crazy Japanese announcers that hes usually around, but Marvel scenes are known for being EXCESSIVELY LOUD. I mean, how well would you concentrate with Yipes yelling at you? This also warrants to a bit of a culture disconnect. Daigo, (unlike yipes et cetera), is a very reserved man, he hardly even twitches his face in an offensive manner much less yells- this is representative of an old Japanese tradition of discepline, focus, moderation, and politeness. On the other hand the “typical american”, is loud, cocky and rather bullish, and this would probably not contribute very well to his sensibilities or his ability to concentrate. Fourthly, (and in a way building off another of my points) street fighter characters are just plain out bad in MVC2. Japan is much more familiar with them than some marvels, and since daigo is a street fighter player, having his favorite characters suck compared to, say mag effin neeto and nyc sentinel is just a letdown. Fifthly, and finally, there’s complexity of just doing damage and keeping up with how freakin bombastic and quick everything is in the versus series. Now, Daigo is no stranger to doing great combos or handling systems, but I don’t think he ever plays a game where basic combo ability is being able to relaunch an opponent 16 times in mid air while “quadruple canceled air dashing” (hyperbole) and doing >hundreds< of hits just to ko them. It’s just too much work, and Daigo usually (in a very, very general way, the man used to play GGX2 and alpha 3) likes to follow a gameplan (control wise) of simplicity with very solid core attributes, which is why he mains characters like Ryu and Guile. If “the basics” include mastering 50 hit bnbs of 3 foreign characters which he has no historical or emotional connection, then I just don’t think he would really even care.


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thought someone would post the supadiaman thing. That’s why I went on to mention “certain marvels”. Spiderman is popular ish there, if not just another super sentai.


if they ever saw that X-Men cartoon then they’re intimately familiar with MvC2’s top tier.

I personally don’t care about whether or not what you’re saying is true, but it’d help your cause if you could provide at least a little something to back up your claims.


CvS2 and MvC2 too glitchy of a game for Daigo? Then wth is Alpha 3? o_O


I’m not gonna argue it. manga is waay more popular in japan than american comics.
I really, really dont want to peruse the web for five hours to mae a valid claim… SRK just isnt THAT important to me. I just wanted to offer my views. “MY THEORY” in conversation can be a lot like “MY OPINION”, because both in this case just offer my conjectures based on experience. Internets case closed and locked. If yer gonna pick at it then bite me.