How come Daigo doesn't play marvel? And


I mentioned alpha 3. it is an exclusion. I also said that most games he plays arent glitchy. I said most, meaning the majority, read the whole thing. Cased reclosed, double locked.


Nobody is asking you to do hours of research. We’d be plenty satisfied if you just didn’t post.


I heard justin wong flew a helicopter to japan just to money match daigo in marvel.


No he actually flew there on a Sentinel


Because shotos aren’t top tier?:coffee:


hm… this i did not know…


This thread is beyond dumb.


Daigo did not have Saturday morning cartoon’s Growing up in the early 1990’s.( he had La-blue Girl and AKIRA):karate:

We Dropped a fucking bomb on them BTW:cybot:… How is Daigo going to relate to fucking Cable my nigga?:cool:



lol… is this supposed to be ironic? thats the cheesiest thing ive ever read


you are a fucking dumbass. Lets mm at the next tournament we are both at.


ths is probably the most stupid post on SRK so far


Why are you asking us?

Why don’t you ask Daigo?



From what I remember reading in one of the random threads, the japanese have a better low tier than the Americans, but we have Mango technology which far surpasses them. No biggie though, its kinda like asking about the American Vampire Savior scene, its there but not quite.


Because of you.


Actually this was the dumbest post in the Thread. MArvel isnt popular in japan no one cares about american super heroes in japan.


The japanese don’t play Marvel eh?



Tatsunoko = Super Heroes. Lol, nice fail.


The easiest answer to your question is.
Daigo doesn’t play marvel because… he doesn’t want to, maybe?
There’s probably more too it than that though.

As for marvel in Japan as a whole, well you can chalk it up to roughly the same reason most Americans don’t play KOF, the games weren’t popular.

Also they only like Spider-Man [media=youtube]mcxioU7AMM4[/media]

Someone mentioned this earlier.
Similarly it’s like why don’t Americans play Vampire Savior/Darkstalkers, when there is still a pretty big scene for it in Japan still.

My guess is because no one wants to play a Twilight fighting game. :rofl: jk I love VS.


Ironman’s rush down isn’t as good as magneto duh. as for the others

pretty sure a japan player was the first to do infinites and stuff.

They have a marvel team named after japan so you know they play the game