How come Doom is good with rocks?



  How come Doom is good with rocks?

Im pretty sure every character would be good with ROCKS.

- They chip 
 - They pin 
  - They push 
   - They dip 
    - They din
     - They dush

 If you want to learn about using Dooms rocks on offense 

(srubby style) then just pick any character on point besides Doom then pick Doom AA as an assist and stand in front of opponent call Dooms rocks while Tripping your opponent With a couple of Crouching lks and watch the friggin combos fly like white on rice.
If you really like rocks then you should have Storm on point and combo the crap above into Storms Crack Rocks.:sweat:

I think what he meant was why ROCKS exactly? :confused:

Enquiring minds want to know.

Lol… Haha.

Cable + Doom’s rocks = :slight_smile:

Oh well what do I know… I suck.

rocks just hit stuff, nailed close, it’s alot of chip, far away, rocks go everywere, It lasts for a bit. it’s just a great assist

The unpredictability of the rocks is what I truely love about them. Sometimes they’ll go in a small line, others they’ll spread out and cover the entire screen like a shitgun blast.

When i feel like usin akuma i always pick doom 4 AA assist, I like usin lk,doom AA. akuma dive kick, Doom AA on n on until they get out of it then stop scrubbin.

  • is this smart n does anyone else got good pressure play usin Doom AA?.