How come fighting is 10years behind other esports

So im new to the fighting scene now in SF4 ive been playing some PC SF4 not very seriously but im following the scene in US and europe pretty much and japan when i get to see some games from there.

Anyway i was hoping for a great weekend of fun watching the EVO games. Even though the players played great and i actually enjoyed the finals in SF4 because the games was so intense the stream was the worst shit ive seen in YEARS. The stream had about 5-10 FPS so u got a headache from watching it more then 10min. It was even down like 50% of the time and the cameras was poorly placed to film the crowd/players. I also heard this is the first year EVO even has a stream which is just ridicalous imo. So when is the fighting scene gonna catch up to the rest like MLG, ESWC, WCG, and ofc starcraft. Just look at how proffesional ESL are for example when they are streaming stuff.

shut the fuck up. ign will have all you need in a little bit, and you can dl the shit to your pc for a small fee.

I think you can be assured that next year’s EVO is going to have an even better setup than this year’s. The stream was far from perfect, but I was able to follow the action with out a problem, especially SF4.

So far as being 10 years behind MLG… I gotta question that. I was a big CS player back in the day, but I don’t remember seeing streams of live matches back in '99.

Furthurmore, the fighting game scene is pretty well documented, especially now with Youtube. At Final Round Zero was uploading matches almost as soon as they were captured. Preppy and CorradoRS contribute dozzens of high quality videos for the community without needing to set up a live stream.

It was nifty to see the action live this year, especially with the cam on the players themselves. I look forward to seeing more of this. Just keep in mind that this community has done quite well capturing the excitement. Live broadcasts of tourneys might be new for us, but it’s hardly the first attempt made to bring the action to your computer screen. Heck, 10,000 plus viewers can’t be wrong!

why would you flame this kid? he has a good point, and was/is not the only person complaining about these things. what he needs to understand, though, is that evo gets probably 1/50th of the funding that these other events collect, thereby limiting what can be accomplished with things like live streams. in the past, evo footage was only available by buying the dvd months after the tournament went down, and to me, and i’m sure many others, any stream was welcomed with open arms. so the fps wasn’t so hot, i could still tell what was going on; the commentary was great for the most part, which made it enjoyable for me. so, ten years behind? not really, but you have to think about how long it’s taken for this event to be comparable to the bigger tournies you mentioned, in terms of participants and spectators. now that we’re getting there, expect bigger and better things. the cannons, wizard, and everybody else who put their time and effort into putting this together should be commended and thanked, so that next year it will be that much better, and maybe you’ll say it’s only 3 years behind the multi-million dollar starcraft tournament that a billion companies sponsored.

thank you inkblot and ponder, wiz, seth, skisonic, keits, and everybody else who gave us evo and our new live stream.

edit: 23,000+ viewers yeeeeeeeeeeee!

I may be wrong, but I thought MLG and WCG and all those were for-profit corporate organizations while Evo (and most every other big fighting game tournament) is a community-run event run entirely by volunteers? That may explain why the production values aren’t as nice. Although, personally, it’s also why I think events like Evo are way more hype.

Even if that’s not true, I wouldn’t consider fighting games behind other competitive gaming scenes simply because they aren’t as cheeseball as MLG.

Besides, who the hell can actually stay awake through a whole tournaments worth of starcraft or halo?

Doesn’t Evo try to break even? MLG and WCG I hear are in the red every year since they just spend cash like crazy.

Bashing other games isn’t really cool btw, I’m sure guys over there think the same about fighting games. Ohhh yeah this game I don’t play seriously sucks and is just mashing and takes no skill etc. This even happens within fighting games with non-Capcom games and gets us nowhere.

It’s just that EVO is a tournament without any significant sponsors.

Tournaments/leagues like Tekken Crash have fancy stages and get televised.

If that’s the case, then hell, maybe Evo is doing it right by cutting down on production costs.

Also I wasn’t bashing those other games. I play them myself and I understand the skill involved. I really just don’t see them as very good spectator games.

One of the biggest reasons is getting sponsorship for the events. Compared to PC games its hard target Fighting game enthusiast once we buy said console with game and maybe a Stick there is nothing else to market to sector. PC gamers buy there parts for there rig with evertyhing from video cards to processors to headphones etc etc. No two rigs are the same so companies have a lot of opportunity to market all those different items to the sector.

Where as the tournament itself was great this year at EVO the stream was plagued with tech issues mostly the first day I am pretty sure they learned from there mistakes and next year they will have improved 10 fold on that front. One suggestion to make is provide the commentators with headset mic setup so they can communicate with each other better and not lose there voice in the process of screaming over the crowd.

But overall for the first time trying stream as much as they did it was great for us that could not make the trip to share in little of the hype without the stream I would have never decided that next year I can’t miss it for nothing and will be making the trip to Vegas for sure. I would just like to thank everyone who help bring us the tournament for our enjoyment.:lovin:

FPS and RTS tournaments have been shoutcasted (radio streamed) for well over a decade. I listen to Starcraft and Warcraft III matches (in English) on a weekly basis when I’m killing time and relaxing. I think RTS games translate to radio quite well as a good commentator can paint an extraordinary picture in your mind. Fighting games need a really professional commentator, I’m talking about someone with a few years of radio experience, and a broadcasting degree, to make a match of a fighting game translate to radio.

And the first WCG in 2000 had streaming and downloadable video from what I remember. I have an archive of old Age of Empire and Unreal Tournament 1999 matches from WCG on a HDD somewhere. Sega also had been streaming it’s national Virtua Fighter tournaments since the first year of Virtua Fighter 4, and down the road those streams eventually had insane productions values, [media=youtube]_zLB0FMIQtw"[/media] from how Sega (used to) handle the VF series.

Virtua Fighter and Street Fighter are puddles compared to the ocean of depth that is [media=youtube]Jen46qkZVNI&#t=5m01s"[/media].

I don’t envy the FPS scene at all considering how terribad those tourneys are ran sometimes. they can run their streams ‘professionally’, but their tourneies are ran like crap. so who cares?

Evo might be slow on embracing new techs but the at least the most important factor (running a competitive gaming scene, not business) is done RIGHT.

torrent plz

As “popular” as these other “esports” are, who the hell even cares ? No average person cares about Warcraft 3 or SC pro-players, no matter how much coverage they get/have. Most average people couldn’t name one top halo player. Hell, I know I can’t, and I’m a pretty heavy fps/sf/whatever player.

In the end, it’s not even that big of a deal. You think Halo/whatever is huge because of mlg/wcg/etc ? It’s big because of the company behind it, just like how SF4 exploded this year. It got big because of general marketing.

If this is as big as SF4 gets in the “esports” world, who the hell cares, in the end, thats a fraction of a percent of the overall gaming community that will take notice.

esports sounds so silly.

The fighting game scene is small, maybe the smallest between Madden, FPS, RTS, Smash, you name it. We don’t have a gaming league like that either.

Really you can look back at the first televised WSOP for a perfect comparison to this year’s EVO, there had never been enough interest and players to do a stream so yeah they had to make it up on the fly. Early ESPN coverage of poker was fucking atrocious and that was ESPN, they’ve got a shitton of money, be happy there was a stream. I know I was, next year I’m just going, fucking hate Vegas in July but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Hundreds of millions of dollars of venture capital have been poured into leagues like WCG, ESWC, etc, and the overwhelming majority of them never turn a profit. Evo is a self funded. We must operate within the money that we can generate through the event itself or no more Evo.

Given that we operate at literally 1/1000th of the financial resources of these leagues, I take your expectations as a compliment.

Most of the footage from 2000 and 2001 was footage from the Korean TV stations who covered the event.

WCG 2002 was the first year WCG offered global downloadable video. I’m not even sure that it was streamed. I did that event from Daejong, Korea (for UT and Quake3) but it was mostly Audio (Shoutcast).

It would be later in 2005 WCG began partnering with OnGameNet to produce and provide all the production for their videos.

But VF4 is right, “coverage” of these tournaments has been happening since 1996 (that’s the year I started doing broadcasts in Quake), and probably even before. Technology typically dictated everything though, as even WCG 2004 was ALL AUDIO and a big disappointment, but then WCG 2005 made an epic switch to Video.

Now video is so easy to pull off, everyone should be doing it!

Wait, are you trying to generalize thousands of events into one statement? That “their tournaments” are run like crap? That’s not fair.

I’m sure in the grand scheme of everything, there are great FG tournaments and there are bad ones. JUST LIKE there are great PC tournaments and there are bad ones. To say every tournament is run like crap is a completely unfair and misinformed statement.

As I’ve said before on my shows and even here on SRK, there is alot that the FG community can take away from the PC community ~ and vice versa.

I think it’s 100% of them never turn a profit :slight_smile: Although MLG is probably the closest of all of them.

I think your expectations were just too high. You said the stream was the worst you’ve seen in YEARS. I say it was the best stream in YEARS. For a person whose been following the fighting game scene for a long time now, the Evo stream was really a milestone in the FGC. And I commend all EVO staff for their efforts. It was amazing how hype my friends and I got watching this stream. I had a laptop hooked up to my big screen for this lol.