How come JoJo Bizzare Adventure and the Darkstalker series aren't tourny worthy?

I’ve often wanted to know why these games haven’t been played at EVO. Is there something wrong with them, is it a resource problem are the games to broken, what is it? Is it because that it doesn’t have a large fan base? I like playing them both as well as the other fighters on a daily bases. So that’s why I’m asking. I know that they still play SF2ST game and JoJo and Darkstalkers are newer games. Now I know newer dosen’t mean better, but that would be 2 more games to play. It would be fun to see those 2 games make a comeback. So whats the reason behind not having them?


I bet these great games won’t get played at major tournaments “because they do not have a scene.”

Maybe, but what does these days. Nobody really goes to the arcades anymore. Do you think it would be hard to build a scene for these games. I bet if they announce an exhibiton for them at EVO people would start playing them. What do you think?


They can just cut/paste the anti-A3 argument.

N - Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to see all 3 get down.

In my opinion I think that would be a much more exciting tournament to watch. If you threw something in there that no one was expecting, like Dark Stalkers or Jo Jo or something, no one would be prepared.

I mean, the final battles of these tournaments are just top-tier fests anyway…not really that exciting to watch, so I think something “without a scene” would mix it up a bit.

Just my opinion though. DS and Jojo are great games, but we’ll never see them at Evo or anything else.

Sounds like this top game everyone in america plays! Hmmm…



Who are you telling!!! I bought the last 2 EVO DVD’S (last years and this years) and I don’t plan on getting the next one. I havne’t had a chance to play in a tourny but I have an idea of how competitive it can be. Normally if I go to the arcades and play something I always try to pick low or medium tired. After I loose a few dollars from being out gunned then I jump on the bandwagon of the big 5 or 3 (depending on the game) to shut the braggers up. After that I go back to using a little of everyone else. I get tired of watching the same MvsC2 matchups and Sagat, Blanka and 3rd character here matches. The tekken series is the same way. Jin and more Jin. Even though its not the same person playing, most of the players styles of play look to similar to tell them apart. Then there was TTT, if it wasn’t a mishima it was the ogores which= boring. I enjoyed SC2 for the most part because everyone is tourny worthy and there was a lot of different characters being used. But enough EVO DVD bashing. I know people want to win and I know they are going to do what it takes to win. So I can’t balme them for picking top tier. I think someone needs to get in there and do the blind character select every once in a while. You’d end up with a wrong groove/assist and character. If you’ve only specialized in the big 5/3 then your ass is grass. This would throw a hell of a monkey wrench into the tournament. But yeah, Jo Jo and DS forever.

I think that capcom should stop worrying about getting the rights to comic book characters and just make a damn SF vs Capcom. Sure the title sounds kind of stupid (the best I could come up with:D ) But with all of the characters they have from different games I’m sure they could pull it off. Hell they bout over the damn devil from ghost & goblins. Insane ken is shit. If any of you have played MUGEN you know that Evil Ken was designed a lot better. Whats worse is that he was made by second rate programers. These are the type of people we need working at capcom.

red beret should make more fighting games.

Vampire savior is one of capcoms most balanced games(behind sf:hf)… and they didnt even make it.

who said they weren’t?


Vampire Savior, the third game in the DarkStalkers series, is a very tourney-worthy game. Extremely well balanced and a lot of diversity in the cast. The main reason it doesn’t appear at EVO and such is because the machines are rare in America, so it hasn’t developed much of a fan following.


Jojo is too broken, tight ass game though.

VS is fun, but I dont think it could hold my interest for very long even if it was a tourny game.

Only problem I have with Vampire Savior is that everything I like about it is done in Guilty Gear, and GG has a larger fanbase and is a still running series. The only thing VS has over GG is the Capcom logo, which doens’t mean much to me.

As far as JoJo goes, simply put, NO. Evo is the largest tournament in the US, correct. But just because a fighting game exists does not mean that it should be in Evo. But there are other big tournaments you can try shit at. Its not written in stone that Evo is 100% end all be all of US tournaments. Talk to one of the guys who runs one of slightly smaller but still big tournaments. See if you can get JoJo’s at next years Texas Showdown and Northeast Championships. If it picks up, it might make it to ECC, MWC and Evo.

man i want projus in evo , i heard it was popular in asia and japan too , we could see a custom-characters match …seeinghow they got ***ed by party-ups …

man jojo in evo … would cool shit …

audience : " AWWWWW SHIT !!! "

Unfortunately for me, I live in Korea right now so going to a tourny is impossible. Taking trips up to Seoul every other weekend isn’t cheap either and there aren’t any good arcades here in kunsan.


can you read or write korean?

you can do a search for decent arcade around you here.
make sure to do a search for providence instead of cities.

As one of the few avid Jojo’s players I’d LOVE to see it get tourney play, but the interest just isn’t there. Everytime I show someone the game they’re like “oh! That’s tight as fuck!” but they never take the time to learn it. It’s like marvel mixed with CVS2, what more could you ask for?

Is there any link for good Jojo videos (combo or matches, whatever)?

Vampire Savior did make Arcadia’s second Tournament, but it’s a different scene over there in Japan.