How come no "little people play fighting games"?

how come there are no midgets play SF or marvel?

Those showcase cabs are high man.

Although in the console age thats no excuse. Where the midgets at?

They can’t reach the skill level needed to compete

there have been a few that tried, unfortunately they just fell short

High execution demands.

The execution barrier was too tall for them.

Height joke.

It’s not that they haven’t tried, it’s just that they always tend to… fall short.

From these first handful of posts, I have learned that I am a horrible person.
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Noah the prodigy is actually a very short 34 y/o but don’t tell his sponsor!

[S]There has been cases of Noahs/Winrich existing before Noah ever made it famous.[/S]

[S]So it’s actually possible for a young kid to play a fighting game, than eventually they get good.[/S]

I didn’t read the thread, lawl![S][/S]

LOL, this is pure win. jokes of “high” caliber for days.

peace out.



True hood is a really nice guy :slight_smile:

You guys are pretty mean.

eh? the posts were never meant to make fun of anybody specific at all. and the true hood vid is actually nice. taking out Ricky Ortiz was big deal. all in good fun then, right guys? …uh, guys? right?


Some do, but they are admittedly in short supply.

Lifes too short to learn FG’s.

I’m about 5 ft 4 inches, does that count?

Trying to make a name as a FG player is a tall order to fill.

Seriously, though: They tend to have wrist and/or finger development issues (babyhands or twisted wrists) that don’t lend themselves well to high-speed inputs on normal-sized pads and sticks or even fine motor skills in general.