How come no one plays marvel vs street fighter




Because Marvel vs Capcom came out and then Marvel vs capcom 2 came out

will you still play Sf4 when SSf4 comes out?


i dont think thats the same, arent the mechanics a little different and the characters as well?


maybe its just rarer…or just as rare and hard to find as mvsc2.

if your…wait…

are you talking about in the arcades, home consoles, or psn downloads?


Many people didn’t like the assist characters that could be thrown out at nauseum so they went back to X-Men vs Street Fighter till Marvel vs Capcom 1 came out. All the people that liked the assist being infinite play MVC2.

Also too many fighters are or play like shotos: Dan, Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Sakura, Cyclops, Captain America


“there are so many games that try to fix everything and nerf everything to such a low power level that even though things might be ‘fair,’ they are no longer fun. I call this the Marvel vs. Street Fighter syndrome.” - legendary game designer David Sirline on balancing fighting games


ctrl+f: wolverine inf

not found

I’m ashamed of you SRK.



People don’t play it because it’s broken as shit.


Honestly, it isn’t that broken without that inf. Of course there are corner Sakura only infs but she sucks turds anyway. It’s just really, really boring compared to the other games in the series and doesn’t have crazy shit that people are used to or want from Marvel.


So that’s why people still play MvC2, right?


I was just about to say that…




MvSF is broken at the retarded level, while MvC2 still requires thought and skill to be broken


Bitches don’t know about my AHVB!

Really now, really? Mind, you, I’m not making any comments on whether or not MvC2 is more broken than any other of the VS series games (since they are all full of random crazy shit), but your argument is built on a foundation of sand.


I prefer X-Men vs Street Fighter, but MvsSF isn’t so bad, every once in a while, despite its faults.


The game is great to mash out at Red Robin before getting a burger, but unfortunately isn’t worth much else. :C


actually, yes I would! in the case of marvel games, its always a different story cuz some things change and certain combos are only available on that one game compared to another.


um everyone knows people who post on SRK either dont play the game and saw a combo video with a infinite or have not lived long enough to play any game competitively so uh


Short answer: Because it’s garbage.

Slightly less short answer: Because as an overreaction to XSF’s infinites, Capcom stripped 99% of the game’s combo creativity out but left in Wolverine’s eff-tarded infinite and Wolviecopter. So every competitive match became Wolvie/XXX vs. Wolvie/XXX. Since that’s not even remotely fun to watch or play, no one ran tournaments for it and therefore no one played it. The End.

And if you can’t figure out why that’s different than MvC2 then you’re either trolling or your hatred of Marvel has blinded you.