How come nobody plays sf1!?

hey guys

even though sf4 has just come out peeps still play sf2 and sf3 and alpha and all that

but how come nobody ever talks about the original sf game or plays it competively?!

ive never played it (my nes broke lol) but is it really that bad compered to sf2 and sf3 that nobody wants to play it anymore or have tournements and stuff?

is it just too old that no one likes it but sf2 is real old to lol!?

  1. It has 1 character
  2. It sucks

1 char?! thats not true! who would you fight!? lol

1 *playable *character.

Ryu and Ken were playable but they were the same character as far as moves go. Other characters you could play against but not use (Gen, Birdie, Eagle, Adon, Sagat, etc.)

Plus the game plays pretty stiffly and special moves are a pain in the ass to get out.

It’s on the 2nd Capcom Classics Collection for pS2, if you really want to try it.

yeah, they didn’t make it for the original NES, by the way.

so every fight is just ryu verse ken unless your playing arcade mode?! that sounds boring lol why cant you play as sagat?! he is the same as ryu and ken as well lol same moves and stuff

obvious troll thread is obvious.

He kinda isn’t… at all :looney:

It’s true, Street Fighter is a legendarily bad game. It always kind of shocked me whenever I’d play it, just how bad it is. But hey, greatness has to start somewhere, and we did get Street Fighter II.

So are you actually sitting there laughing maniacally at your monitor?

i like street fighter 1, i think you could develop a scene with it

theres depth in it just people dont kno about it, it has mad mind game qualities. me and 5 other friends play it like twice a week, and what do you mean 1 character? theres 6!

[dont neg its not a joke]

If you tried SF1, you would not be asking this. :lol:

Yes, the only good thing that SF1 did for the world was to be the predecessor for SF2.


SF1 was a passably good game in '89, but has aged very poorly compared to its more developed sequels. Some of the CPU characters designs are pretty impressive, when you consider they were ‘firsts’.

I believe I can summarize.

“Whah streng. But doun fowget dere ah dose like you aaaall obah dah wald.”

It was pretty good at the time,but heck,even the original SF2 is much better. And let’s not forget SSF2T

Maybe if there will be a modified version where you can play as other characters or yet another HD Remix…

Here is the best version of it I’ve seen. lol.

Yeah, I mean, why are people so hyped about Final Fantasy XIII, when you can play Final Fantasy I???

After all, you can play as a NINJA! And a BLACK BELT martial artist! ON THE SAME TEAM! :wow: