How come nobody uses Hyper Bomb anymore?



I’m a “returning” 3rd Strike player here, mainly an Alex user specializing in Hyper Bomb (super art 1).

Most of the videos I see on youtube use Boomerang Raid a lot. Apart from being “decently comboable” and being quite easy to charge (longer than SGH but at least shorter than hyperbomb), I am having a hard time “mastering” Boomerang Raid Alex.

Based on my experience as an Alex user, his base damage is already strong enough and I don’t usually rush to do a super coz he isn;t exactly a combo machine like Akuma or Yun. And unlike say…Yun SA2 and Ken’s SA3, I feel uneasy comboing into Alex SA2 because I’ve experienced the last hit whiffing more than twice (I usually combo off a close s.forward), in a combo or as a retaliation super. Whereas if that were Hyperbomb, as long as the opportunity presents itself, it’s hyperhug time.

Maybe I’m not using Alex SA 2 correctly. Your thoughts on this?

PS: I’ve given up on SGH; can only land it consistently on stunned opponents…


I’m just writing what I think, but mainly ppl use it for the meter you get.
I think Alex’ EX moves are great…
Flash Chop
Slash Elbow
Sometimes, Air Knee Smash

They all have good damage and stun…
jump in fp,, ex-Flash chop is really really good.

The only way I usuall land SA2;
parry, mk xx SA2
cr.lp, cr.lp xx SA2
jump in, XX SA2
UOH xx SA2

I think Alex becomes an EX machine with SA2 :stuck_out_tongue:
Random and whiff punish EX- Slash Elbow etc.

Other ppl may share this better then me since it’s really early over here etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Hyper Bomb every now and then, but mostly during casuals.
When I have meter for the super, ppl watch out a little on wake up etc.


Everyone can and will jump out of it on reaction, even Hugo.


I play SA I against:


SA I is not a bad pick. On any air attack accept “one” in the game that gets ground parried by Alex Hyper Bomb is free, everytime.

Timings may vary on when to pull SA I after the parry, but you can not escape once you know the timing. You will not be able to jump out if you get parried.


It’s more advantageous to use Alex’s EX’s than to save up so much meter for SA1. On top of that Boomerang Raid used as a super has so much more possibilities than Hyperbomb.


you could cancel it with like an uppercut though. I think.


Attack from the air not on the ground, parried by Alex on the ground. HyperBomb is free, trust me.


AA HyperBomb works.

Mind if I ask why you use it against Remy?


Cold blue kick and baiting dash in throw or attack from remy after i parry a high or low light of virtue.


Just comes down to not enough situations you’ll have to use it at high level play. It’s a very situational super and doesn’t have the speed or range of Gigas. Plus EX meter helps out Alex a ton. The few high level match videos I’ve seen of players using Hyper Bomb…they never got a chance to use it in the match.


Sort of like this… Time in vid 5:46…:lovin: :nunchuck:



High level matches…


Do you have any vid’s , I would like to see them. Maybe I could learn a thing or two from you?


So alex SA1 is jumpable after the flash…?

what are the frames here?

fyi: I’m accustomed to reading a command super/ultra like say zangiefs in sf4 1+0, one frame, unjumpable after the flash.


it has a 3 frame start up


Eh, dude you should really check the Wiki before you ask questions like this. Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike - Shoryuken Wiki

Anyway, it’s got a 3 frame start up. The only way to combo into it is after a MP/HP flash chop. You can’t tick into it like you can with LP Powebomb and they can easily jump out of it.


Comboable command super??? Wo !

And sorry man, haven’t gotten the hang of finding information on 3s. I’ll check the wiki more. Plus I’m limited on time to read through everything. Was looking for a quick answer, my bad.


you can compare it to a focus crumple in sf4. you can grab people out of that type of hitstun, and the same applies to backturned position in 3S.


Ok, though the wiki does say its NOT comboable. But the focus crumple example was a good analogy for me. thanks.


I think toward fierce allows you to combo into hyper bomb as well but it’s some sort of super strict 1 frame link.