How come players never talk?

Whenever I play at the arcade, even if me and the other guy(s) plunk down several dollars into the machine, nobody ever talks. I get strange looks when I say as much as “good game”. I’m not sure why, but people never give eachother tips, talk or make hardly any expression at all unless they are playing against a friend. Why is this? There is of course that “disinterested ‘top dog’” profile, the player who wins all the time and acts like he doesn’t care about the game (he will never speak, and gazes around the arcade between matches). But I don’t want to be that guy and I don’t understand why so many people act that way. Are street fighter players just cocky antisocial jerks? Or is there something I’m missing.

I talk occasionally but i’ve never gotten wierd looks, I always try to say good game as well.

Well, the players dont know each other, so I guess no talking there. I usually talk to my buddies if they lose on what they were doing this and that, but most of the time, everybody is just watching and listening and all. If you want too, then you can try talking to them, but dont talk smack or you’ll have to back it up, but then again, you can meet some new friends:D

Well I can understand if you’re playing Random Thug at Ghetto City Mall arcade, but I’m talking about even at university arcades.

It’s kind of hard to give tips out of the blue. If you win and try to give someone tips some take that as an insult, if you lose and try to give tips the opponent won’t listen cause of course you lost so what do you know.

At best I say “good game” unless I know the opponent.

I admit it would be wierd to give tips out of the blue, yeah. I want tips (cause I always lose) but I never get to ask for them because I’m turned off by the “silent disinterested pro” type that people always assume.

It just depends on the arcade man. I live in a small town with a small community of players. MVC2 is the main game here. If a newcomer with potential comes to the arcade. I’ll speak to him and if he is friendly then great, perhaps ill try to get to know him show him some things and try to get him to be apart of our towns MVC2 community. But if I was in a big town with tons of comp/players and I could get comp whenever I went to the 'cade. Then perhaps things would be different. Dunno this is just my opinion on it.

I’m guessing you were the Yang player? Are you relatively new to visiting arcades with competition? I’d hate for you to have an ill impression of the BEARcade because you’re not used to certain mannerisms.

Either way, if you went out of your way to ask any of the players that were around the 3S machine a question, you would’ve most likely gotten a polite answer (but people have been known to get starstruck and abuse this welcome).

Hmm, yeah that was me. No don’t worry the BEARcade is a cool place, I’ve been there a few times before. And It’s not that I’m not used to certain mannerisms (every arcade is like this) I’m just not sure why… I mean if you spend an hour playing games with the same person I feel obligated to at least say something, not ignore them.

Well, no one’s obligated to say anything to anyone, but I feel what you’re talkin about. I’m one of those people who tend to say nothing, but if someone says something to me, I get all gregarious and stuff. I guess we should all do more to get to know each other, so we can all still be playing fighting games when we’re 60!

Yeah, true. Most of the times people give me mean looks and look very pissed at me. Some even ignore me when I say anything to them like good game or something. People take the fighting game too competetivley and try to ignore giveing too much advice or just keep to them selves. They should atg least talk to the people of their same interest.

Some of the Third Strike players at the Bearcade are kinda assy. That one really short Yang player comes to mind. Most of them are pretty cool though. I’m not in Berkeley now and won’t be until wintertime (studying abroad in Paris), or else I’d come down and say what’s up. I used to be the silent headphones-wearing type of guy in arcades, but I’m not (as much) like that anymore. Go out of your way to say what’s up to the other guys, they’re pretty cool.

Edit: I saw in the Bearcade thread you’re writing about Ricky Ortiz. Haha yeah, whenever I play that dude he’s always doing the look-around-cause-he’s-badass-and-wants-some-real-competition thing. I don’t know him very well, unlike some of the other Bearcade guys, but I always ask him questions when I play against him and he’s always answered them nicely. Always seemed like a pretty nice guy. Except that one time I won that KoF 2003 tournament by beating him 4 games to 1. I think he was pissed cause he’s super awesome and I totally suck but got really lucky haha.

I prefer to stay silent unless someone asks me how to do something like RCing or a specific character’s super. It doesn’t mean I don’t like the company.

I’m one of those players that choose characters that hardly anyone plays, so I’m probably considered more interesting to watch where I go to. I got people chatting with me before because of it, and it wasn’t bad.

The only person I’d speak up to though is Dr. B, since it was my brother that took the liberty in formally meeting him.

I’ve made some cool friends from talking to them at the arcades. There are times when the other person doesn’t want to talk and you gotta respect that. Try not to take offense to that, it’s not worth it.

I remember playing some guy at MvsC and I beat him twice…the second time it was a really close game and I told him “Good Game.” and he didn’t say anything…next thing you know he plays me again…this time he taunts me after killing off one of my characters…it was a close game again but he won. I don’t know what his problem was, but I got over it.

I usually try not to talk when I am the person who is winning because some people get real mad when they lose and you talking is only going to piss them off even more.

when someone is talking to me, i pretend i’m listening. i cant hear for shit in the arcade. im deaf as hell.

I usually keep quiet, with the exception of people I know. I don’t tend to go out of my way to greet them, though (i.e., interrupting a game in progress). I answer questions regarding the games if I’m asked.

You know I don’t take sides or anything, so I’m saying this only to prevent any further misunderstandings: I would let that incident die because you don’t know the half.

Naw I like meetin new people and shit if Im not in my hometown… always nice to meet new people who share the same interests as u (ie marvel) so why not be nice n chillin instead of bein a complete dick…

i always say good game anyways… lol

if u win and talk means u’re talking shit

if you lose and talk means u’re complaining

9/10 people look at it that way believe it or not.

me i just say silent after i win or lose. sometimes i smirk here and there…even when i do lose.

i don’t see the need to talk, then again i’m not a person that talks a lot. i just put my $$$ in and play the game.

haha, anti-social… there are people that are just messed up for their ‘reason’s’ but everyone has a good one or just enough of one to do it. Usually with me I just don’t know the guy and I’m too lazy (that’s a bad one) but there are also a lot of dickheads who take the game WAY TOO seriously but whatever.:bluu: :lame: :lame: