How come some normals don't work on crouching opponents

like for dudley for example i did standing light punch on a crouching ken but could’nt follow it up with anything like i could do another normal to link into but i did the same thing on abel when he was crouching and was able to link into standing medium punch into heavy punch into ex maching gun blow.

Character hurtbox sizes differ between the cast, Abel has the misfortune of being fucking gigantic and having a lot of normals hit him compared to other members of the cast, that’s pretty much it really…just character hurtboxes being different.

Just to explain a little further, this is a hitbox/hurtbox. The red section is where Makoto can hit the opponent, and the green section is her hurtbox which is where she can be hit during the attack, I looked for a picture of crouching Abel but no luck with a quick Google search but you should get the picture. Abel’s crouching hurtbox is larger than Ken’s crouching hurtbox, and this changes throughout the cast.

they was talking about reel animations and i was wondering what does reel animations have to do with combos and meaty attacks and hit boxes.

Yeah, some reeling animations differ also. It’s when a character is in hitstun and how big their hurtbox is during that animation. For instance DeeJay’s reeling hurtbox is very wide but Ken’s isn’t as bad. Have a quick look at the character sub forums and I’m almost 100% that someone has uploaded the characters hitbox/hurtbox data. I’ll go find something to reference.

Found an example on the DeeJay sub-forum. This is DeeJay’s reeling animation, see how his arm extends and it has a hurtbox, so he’s really easy to get extended combos on. Each character is a little different but for the most part it’s all the same apart from some anomalies. I’d just do a little research into this kind of data and work on universal combos that work on the entire cast, if you ever want to hit an opponent with a lp you should generally do it crouching to hit 100% of the cast. This kind of thing is generally quite specific and for the most part you don’t need to know much about it, there are a plethora of hit confirms and frame traps that work on both crouching and standing opponents 100%, just learn those and you should be good. Character specific stuff for the most part is pretty situational and rarely used excluding certain characters who rely a lot on combos like E.Ryu.

where do i find these reel animations

Character sub-forums, YouTube, Google, the SRK USF4 Wiki might have them, the USF4 Guidebook that was made has them in also I think?

Ton of ways to find them.

well im a steam player u think that frame trapped program would work

There are programs that show the hitboxes and hurtboxes of characters when you’re in training for the PC yeah, I’ve never used any of them though so idk which ones work. Give it a quick Google and you’ll probably find out which ones work.

this shows all the hitboxes for all the characters.

so basically does it if u hit somebody with one move and hits but u can’t combo can u do a mid meaty attack on them