How come there's no one day fantasy for fighting games?


I was on a site called vulcun the other day, I noticed not one of the games they offer fantasy contests for are one vs. one, or a fighter for that matter. They didn’t even do starcraft, Is it really that hard to score? The best I could find was some site these guys in Florida are trying to start that covers basically everything, claim to have a scoring system that works with every game., saw them on indiegogo trying to get funding. . Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated. I just want to put together a fantasy team for fighters. Why’s no one done it?


Are you talking about Mugen?


I think he left out the word LEAGUE


So we can have trading cards, like this pre-crisis Toshihiro Nagoshi signature I saw yesterday



Because the FGC is niche as it is, who go buy tradable FGC player cards?