How did DOA4 do at Evo this year?

How was the attendance? I’m curious as to how it was recieved. Do they plan to host it again in 08?

I didn’t do so well

considering it wasn’t even in the line up
and it probably won’t come back

Ah i see. Interesting. OK thanks for your time.

Lol too good, i don’t normally reply to these sorts of topics, but i must congratulate thee on your ignorance. Top tier stuff.

In before lock/ban/flamesconsistingofridiculetowardstopiccreator (wait…too late) /chocolaterain.

I didn’t even see people playing this in casuals.

I didn’t even see people playing VF5 or Tekken in casuals.

damn, were you even in the same hotel when Evolution was going on?