How did it feel fighting a character you weren't familiar with?

For all you pros out there, try to remember the times you were a newbie like me. When you weren’t knowledgeable of all the characters so fights got hard sometimes. What did you do after the battle, did you learn anything? Was it frustrating, tough love, whatever?

Just the other day I was fighting a Gen online (first one I encountered), I’m feeling pretty confident because I beat their Dhalsim with Dan. But when the round starts the raping began. He pulled off combos that couldn’t’ be blocked after they connected, and flew around the screen in Crane style and switched styles on the go like mad. It was like fighting two guys at once, the Oga (the thing where he jumps to the ceiling) gets comboed INTO the Mantis move where he floats in the air kicking up to 7 times ( still can’t figure out how to do that, is it mashing or what?). After the hard punishment, my Sakura lay on the ground bloody and humiliated, while Gen put his old wrinkly dick away and walked away.

Anyways, the point is that match was a hard lesson for me. I have to admit it was frustrating but he wasn’t being cheap, it was like I didn’t know how to play the game just getting pummled. I didn’t know Gen’s combos, how he can combo different styles, and some of his Oga options. I went to training mode, played as him and fought him on the hardest difficulty, but the CPU still didn’t pull of combos that guy did. But I am more familiar with Gen now and I am ready for the next time I face one.

Go straight in to training mode, find out how to do the moves that were causing problems for you, record them and the set the dummy to playback and keep it at that until you’ve worked out how to block/punish the problem moves. Then you can go to your character forum or look up frame data and find the best ways to deal with these moves.

I still have problems fighting a good gen. WATCH THOSE CROSSOVERS!

Super Into Ultra

I would say keep an eye on his super and ultra meters. Gen can super into ultra, and it is very, very painful.

Just to clarify, the very definition of a “combo” means that if you get hit on the first attack, the rest of the combo can’t be blocked.

Also, Gen is just weird to play against if you’re unfamiliar with him. He has a weird-looking crossup that isn’t obvious at first–meaning, it looks like he’s coming in front of you, but his kick lands behind you, so you have to block the opposite way.

You just have to get used to it. One thing I find helpful is to play that weird character for yourself and take him through some training mode or trial challenges. You’ll learn what angles he hits from and stuff like that, and it’s easier than learning by getting worked in a real match.