How did people get jobs before the internet?


I ask because the internet is apparently useless for doing this. I finished my Bachelor’s Degree (Accounting) 4 years ago. And no job of any kind that I applied to directly online has ever resulted in a phone or email response. Some staffing/recruiting firms have contacted me and even set up an interview. But most of them never contact me again. And the few that have (on extremely rare occasions) always try to pair me up with something that I’m completely incompatible with. Either the temp job is too far away (even though I told them in the interview what area I’m looking for work in) or the job requires me to lift 50 Ib objects (which I can’t do). So how did you people (in America) get your job if not through these methods? I’ve been living with my parents this whole time, they have no interest in helping me, and I’m almost broke.


Look for places that are hiring that interest you
Research the company
Apply online
Apply in person
Call/Check in to see if they received your application
If you are about to be broke, you seriously cannot be picky
Find a job whether you like it or not just to get some sort of income
You can worry about finding your ideal job after you’ve got some source of income


no place “interests” me. How would someone even know what company to look for?


The internet?


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I have never dreamed of getting a job without the existence of the internet. Were there even jobs around? How did text even came to being without a keyboard? So many questions that I never thought of thinking, thank you based Beguiled for illuminating these thoughts to me.


Almost surprised this isn’t a joke topic.

It’s weird in that to me it’s almost like using the internet to post a job is only really good for showing that you know how to use a computer. It’s almost required for the sake of being required.

Past that getting a job these days is still mostly about knowing someone in the office. If you can get a connection or a referral from someone already in the job, that’s basically how you get the majority of jobs still. There probably are people that do get lucky and just post up online and get an immediate call or interview, but it’s essentially getting lucky. Jobs these days usually like getting referrals from people who already work in the office or finding out about you in person first.

There’s too many people posting online applications after the big job crash where people will only see you as a number if they just see your resume online.

I don’t even bother applying online for a job where I haven’t met any of the people who work there in person first. Your odds are better if you know someone that works there.


Yeah, if you don’t have anyone in the know to help you out, you’re gonna have to go in hardcore. Email, CALL, attempt face-to-face contact about job prospects… Harder for you to be just glanced-over if the people at least see you.
And you may have to suck it up and get something temporary until you land a job you prefer to do proper, especially if money is getting to be an issue.


It ain’t what ya know, it’s who ya know. Like I got my first job in my field because I became really cool with some instructors at my school and the career services people. And that’s how I landed the next job I have coming up. Someone should’ve told you to seek internships and network while in school. So that upon graduating you already have some experience or know people that can refer you to potential employers. In your position though. You’re just gonna have to bite the bullet and take whatever you can get wether it intrest you or not. You are in a hole and that is the only way to dig yourself out.

But you could always look into doing volunteer work. That is the easiest way to get your foot in the door with a company or get some experience and it looks good on your resume. And like others have said. Head to offices downtown or something and ask to speak with HR or those doing hiring. Inquire about accounting positions and what not. Basically you gotta be out there everyday hussling for that job offer. And you said you graduated 4yrs ago??? Damn I can’t imagine the student loans you have pilled up. You really need to be out there on your grind until you land a job.


Lots of apps in person, job fairs, face to face interviews and just some cold calls from what i can remember. Also a top notch resume also helped as well.


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Think you have a half decent point, I’ve been applying through major job sites like Reeds and the official government run site DirectGov for positions in my area, I was on a temp placement from November to January and since then it’s been really tough securing interviews through online applications. I don’t think many recruiters must take online applications seriously unless you have something outstanding that outshines other applicants, I’m low on experience and my qualifications aren’t much to write home about so I most likely just get disregarded upon first sight of my CV.

The jobs I have had though have been through direct application in person, not through the internet. Online applications have never landed me anything other than an initial interview or a phone call.

If you’re saying you’ve been unemployed for 4 years after leaving University/College(Whatever it’s called where you live) that’s pretty fucking nuts, and I’d seek some form of help you can rely on. See if your government has any job seeking help firms. Count yourself lucky your parents are keeping a roof over your head for sure.

Also having a 4 year gap in your life to explain to employers is gonna be really fucking difficult to sway in a positive manner, get an interview and they’ll ask “So what have you been doing since leaving University?” if I consider your CV to have no experience or job posts, and you respond “I’ve been looking for work” that’s a pretty pitiful response to give for a 4 year gap.


Dafuq? A serious thread by Beguiled!?
I found my entry-level position at Sunday New York Times Job section years ago. I also got 2 job interviews off but I didn’t receive any follow-up afterwards. I I don’t know the accounting industry but I’d suggest to research on that. Did you do any internships etc during college days? Job ‘experience’ regardless where it came from goes along way imo. gl.


Honestly I have found the internet job sites to be one of the worst ways to get a job. Good positions are typically filled by the time they reach those sites or a candidate is already intended for a job created and the job is placed open to the public because most companies require you to do so. I have gotten more jobs from actual professional networking or listed from my career professional organizations. On the subject the newspaper had a thing called the want ads/classifieds and it would have positions posted to it. A good portion of getting a job back then was word of mouth or meeting them in person.


I’d say online applications are good for those who already have experience to put on their resume. So that when employers see it, they’ll see all that experience and be eager to respond. Where as basic resumes with little to no experience as most of ya said just get lost in the crowd.


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I would go online to multiple job sites, see one that i fit 60% of the criteria, skim through what the job would do, and hit apply

Thousands of time. I finally found a job that uses my BS in Mathematics. It’s not amazing pay but i can survive for now.

Just keep applying. Dont even worry about the experience part too much, just apply and go to eveey interview you can as long as it’s not a pyramid scheme or selling life insurance. If you’re deaperate, go back to retail. Do something but dont get your hopes down. It took me 3 years after graduating to get this job. Just keep applying

Researching the company is okay, I’d only do it if they want to bring you into an interview so you can apply to more jobs.

Tl;dr keep applying, in every way possible.


To add to this,
If you land an interview and you don’t hear from them in a week, contact them to get an update on your status.
This helps you get a picture of where chances are headed and also shows interest.

Applying online is not futile, even though it seems like you have to apply to 10 different posting just to get one screening phone call.


I remember when I was 18 I sold life insurance for a company called Primerica. Oh god…can you imagine trying to sell life insurance and talk about investments and mutual funds in the fucking Bronx?