How did poongko get that good?

i don’t get it.
how did this guy surpass team madcatz and not only take his game to the next level, but take his game to the next dimension. his skills, his mind is in another dimension, its 4D. straight up.

how does this guy train? snort redbull drinks and then play few hours of poker and then apply his philosphy to street fighter? does he play 20 hours a day?

Why you asking us? Try asking his sponsor…

Red bull and use a belt while training to contain your power.

The same reason why my wife is so good…




[spoiler=]Talking about the wife.[/spoiler]

he actually uses performance enhancing drugs and before every major he attends, kills a new born baby with the Ajanti Dagger.

Playing KOF XI

Did ur wife train poongko? Lol

Nah, just wondering how he can rule out other sponsored players as well.
Be cool if he was a guest on a podcast.
I can say, AE and judging his skills in sf x tekken. It’s ridiculous.

if they say he doesn’t go to practice, it could mean one practice.

It’s because his wife is Asian and he is implying that Asians are innately skilled at certain tasks.

Guy plays about 12 hours a day or more from what I’ve read. he’s also just really smart and good at knowing what his opponent wants to do…

Who the fuck is poongko? Im assuming he plays fighting games.

You know, I think e-sports (or whatever the fuck you guys like to call that bullshit) would be taken more seriously if people used their real names instead of their lame internet handles.


[spoiler=]and a lot of slutting around in highschool[/spoiler]


… sorry?

By complaining about video games on the internet.

Why is this in GD? Can people not see the three or so other forums above it?

They see that shit, they’re just morons who dont give a fuck.

Yeah just like football isn’t taken seriously because nobody calls the brazilian players by their names and instead by some lame real life handles. Right?